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Język angielski, matura 2022 - poziom podstawowy - pytania i odpowiedzi

DATA: 6 maja 2022 r.
CZAS PRACY: 120 minut
Formuła od 2015 "nowa matura"

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Odpowiedzi do tej matury możesz sprawdzić również rozwiązując test w dostępnej już aplikacji Matura - testy i zadania, w której jest także, np. odmierzanie czasu, dodawanie do powtórek, zapamiętywanie postępu i wyników czy notatnik :)

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Zadanie 1. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie fragment programu radiowego na temat nietypowej pizzerii. Zaznacz, które zdania są zgodne z treścią nagrania (True), a które nie (False).
We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
Zadanie 1.1.
The couple moved to the Caribbean because they wanted to live on a boat.
Zadanie 1.2.
Sam bought a boat which didn’t need any repairs.
Zadanie 1.3.
Most people go to Sam’s pizzeria by boat to collect their pizzas.
Zadanie 1.4.
The pizzeria doesn’t make deliveries to people on the seashore.
Zadanie 1.5.
The pizzeria stays open till after 12 at night.
Zadanie 2. (0–4)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery wypowiedzi związane z samochodami. Do każdej wypowiedzi (2.1.–2.4.) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A–E).
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.
We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
The speaker
A. recommends a video game.
B. gives instructions before a car race.
C. complains about a video game.
D. gives tips on how to win a car race.
E. tells listeners why a firm has organised a competition.
Zadanie 2.1.
Zadanie 2.2.
Zadanie 2.3.
Zadanie 2.4.
Zadanie 3. (0–6)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie sześć tekstów. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.
We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
Zadanie 3.1.
Tekst 1.
What surprised the woman when she was in Japan?
Zadanie 3.2.
Tekst 2.
What is the best headline for the news item?
Zadanie 3.3.
Tekst 3.
The man decided to take up basketball to
Zadanie 3.4.
Tekst 4.
Which is TRUE about Harry Krame?
Zadanie 3.5.
Tekst 5.
The conversation takes place
Zadanie 3.6.
Tekst 6.
The sheriff of Marion City informs listeners
Zadanie 4. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–F) do każdej części tekstu (4.1.–4.4.).
Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu.
Zadanie 4.1.

Harrods, the most famous London department store that first opened in 1834, sells almost anything people can dream of in its 330 departments. It has clothing for both men and women as well as jewellery, accessories, food and things for the house. You can even buy luxury yachts in the store! In the 20th century, it also used to have baby elephants in a separate section of the store which children loved visiting.
Zadanie 4.2.

Throughout the history of Harrods, the store has always had an influence on fashion, style, and culture. It was also the place where the first moving stairs in Great Britain were installed in 1898. They were totally different from the ones we have nowadays. Using them was such a scary experience that some customers refused to go up or down. Specially trained employees helped them stay calm and give the stairs a try.
Zadanie 4.3.

On Monday, 10th September, 2007, the store displayed a beautiful pair of elegant sandals decorated with rubies, sapphires and diamonds, which cost £62,000. Apart from security cameras, a live Egyptian cobra hired from a private owner was used to watch over the sandals. The owners of Harrods knew that people would be afraid to approach the cobra and so the valuable shoes would be safe.
Zadanie 4.4.

In the past, customers were not permitted to enter Harrods if they were not wearing suitable clothing. Nowadays most dress styles are allowed in the store, but if you bring a backpack, you will be asked to wear it on your front. You cannot eat or drink in the store unless it is in one of Harrods’ many cafés and restaurants. Security staff can also refuse to let you in just for safety reasons.
adapted from www.londoncitybreakcom/harrods; www.harrods.com; www.digitaljournal.com
Zadanie 5. (0–3)
Przeczytaj trzy teksty związane ze ślubami. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.
Tekst 1.

When John and Frances booked Manchester Town Hall for their wedding ceremony, they weren’t aware that the Queen had plans to visit the city on the day of their marriage. When they found out that the Queen was going to have lunch at the Town Hall on the same day, Frances decided to send her an invitation. Of course, she didn’t really think the Queen would include their wedding in her diary.

But the moment the ceremony was over, a staff member came up to the couple and told them that the Queen had decided to meet them. A few minutes later, the Queen arrived. She congratulated them and asked about their honeymoon plans. The visit was a great surprise for both the couple and their 40 guests.
adapted from www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk
Zadanie 5.1.
When did the couple learn that the Queen would meet them?

Tekst 2.

Inside the church almost every seat was taken by the guests. Newland looked at their smiling faces. He felt worried, although he had often been a best man himself at his friends’ weddings.
For his own wedding Newland had followed his best man’s instructions very carefully. “Have I done everything? Well, I’ve sent flowers to the eight bridesmaids,” he thought.
“Have you got the ring?” whispered his best man.
Newland checked his jacket pocket quickly, as he had seen so many bridegrooms do – and found the little gold ring with the words Newland and May and the date April 22, 1874 written inside.

Now he only needed May to appear at the back of the church. Just then he heard the best man again, “She’s here!”
adapted from The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
Zadanie 5.2.
Which is the best title for the text?
Tekst 3.
The biggest gift you could give us is your presence at our wedding. However, if you wish to give us another present, please choose from the list below or contact our planner, Mary Jason, at John Lewis Store, who will help you make the best choice.
Our favourites:
• crystal wine glasses
• multi-purpose blender
• spa day for two
• suitcase set for two
and more at www.johnlewis.com/amyandoliver
Amy and Oliver

adapted from www.rockmywedding.co.uk
Zadanie 5.3.
Who is this information for?
Zadanie 6. (0–5)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.

– – –
London Bridge was first built in 1209. It stood for centuries, but then started slowly sinking into the river. That is why, in the 19th century, the British Parliament chose a committee to examine the condition of the bridge. Bridge engineers had many ideas and finally the decision was made to build a new, stone bridge in place of the old one. The stone bridge was good enough for horse carriages, but in the 20th century, when cars and buses crossed it day and night, the bridge started sinking again. So in the 1960s, the Bridge Committee of London agreed to replace the bridge once more. When the decision was made, Archie Galloway, who was employed by the city council, had the idea of selling the old one. He advertised it for sale in the UK and USA. He was sure someone would be interested in buying it. 

Robert McCulloch, an American millionaire who owned a lot of land near Lake Havasu in Arizona, saw the advert on TV while on business in London. McCulloch had a dream to change Lake Havasu, which was located in the middle of the desert, into a busy city. To encourage people to come and live there he needed some good advertising. Buying the bridge seemed the perfect solution.

At first, people thought it was a joke. The idea seemed absolutely crazy because, at that time, Lake Havasu didn’t have running water or electricity. There wasn’t even a river nearby, just the lake.

When McCulloch bought the bridge, the English began to take it apart. Fortunately, he didn’t have to pay extra for this and transport to the USA was also included in the price. First, a group of special workers numbered each of the bridge’s stones to show their position. Then, the bridge was taken apart, packed and sent to the port in London. After the bridge arrived in California, trucks carried it to Lake Havasu. Because McCulloch knew that it would be a challenge to transport this valuable cargo from England to the USA, he employed a few experts to manage the whole operation.

Rebuilding the bridge was like putting a puzzle together. Sometimes, if an original stone got damaged, it had to be exchanged for a local one. But rocks in the area were a different colour, so those stones had to be painted. When the bridge was completed, the sand was taken from below it to create a canal and make way for water. This meant London Bridge could stand over a waterway again.

On 10th October 1971 London Bridge in Lake Havasu City opened. The British and US flags flew on both sides.
adapted from www.bbc.co.uk/news
Zadanie 6.1.
The idea of selling London Bridge was suggested by
Zadanie 6.2.
Robert McCulloch decided to buy London Bridge because he
Zadanie 6.3.
When McCulloch bought the bridge, he
Zadanie 6.4.
If an original stone from London Bridge got damaged,
Zadanie 6.5.
Which is the best title for the text?
Zadanie 7. (0–3)
Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto trzy zdania. Dobierz w każdą lukę (7.1.–7.3.) literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki.
One day in October 1988, John Barrier parked his truck in the car park in front of a bank. There was a sign there that said: “Free parking for bank customers. Take a ticket, ask the bank clerk to stamp it, and show the stamped ticket to the parking attendant.” 7.1. That is why he was wearing dirty clothes. He took the ticket and went inside the bank.
After paying a small sum of money into his account, he asked the bank clerk to stamp his ticket. The clerk took one look at the man’s untidy clothes and refused to do it. 7.2. When Mr Barrier heard that explanation, he asked the clerk to call the manager of the bank, but he was absent that day.
John left the bank angry, paid for the parking, got into his truck and drove home. 7.3. To the clerk’s surprise, it was more than $2 million. As it turned out, Mr Barrier was one of the richest clients at the bank. He had actually made his fortune in construction by buying, redecorating, and then selling old buildings for more than 30 years.
adapted from www.celebritynetworth.com
A. He was so angry that he stopped at the door, turned around and went inside the bank again.
B. John Barrier worked in construction and had come to the bank straight from the building site.
C. The next day, he walked into the bank again and took out all his money.
D. He said that the transaction John had made didn’t allow him free parking.
E. When the manager appeared, he asked Mr Barrier to leave the bank.
Zadanie 8. (0–5)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst.
Many people enter various magazine competitions and are disappointed when they don’t win. However, this isn’t the case for 68-year-old Betty Robbs – she seems 8.1. successful in every competition she enters.
It all began in 1977, after Betty won a competition 8.2. the first time and received some exercise equipment. When a friend showed her a magazine full of competitions and tips for winning them, there was no stopping Betty.
So far she 8.3. thousands of pounds, a car, a dishwasher and several trips abroad, including weekends in Hong Kong and New York. She has been hot-air ballooning and even car racing.
When she can’t sleep, Betty spends her time going 8.4. magazines to find competitions to enter.
She believes competitions have 8.5. easier over the years and nowadays you only need a name and address and just a little bit of luck. We hope her success continues for many more years.
adapted from www.dogonews.com
Zadanie 9. (0–5)
W zadaniach 9.1.–9.5. spośród podanych odpowiedzi (A–C) wybierz tę, która poprawnie uzupełnia obydwa zdania.
Zadanie 9.1.
• We need to walk for two more hours before we _____ the hostel.
• This shelf is too high for me to _____. Could you help me, please?
Zadanie 9.2.
• I don’t know how much this bag weighs, but it’s too _____ for me to carry.
• Mark was late for work because of _____ traffic in the city centre.
Zadanie 9.3.
• Don’t worry about finding cheap accommodation when you come to Poland this summer.
My neighbour has got a room to _____.
• He’s only fourteen, so I’m afraid his parents won’t _____ him travel to America on his own.
Zadanie 9.4.
• Walk _____ the street, take the second turning on the left and you’ll see the bank.
• Yesterday he fell _____ a hole and broke his arm.
Zadanie 9.5.
• Will you _____ me a hand with my homework? I don’t know how to do it by myself.
• Sorry, but I can’t _____ you a lift to the station. My car has broken down.
Zadanie 10. (0–10)
Niedawno kupiłeś(-aś) sobie rower i dojeżdżasz nim do szkoły. Na swoim blogu:
• napisz, dlaczego zdecydowałeś(-aś) się dojeżdżać do szkoły rowerem
• poinformuj, jak koledzy zareagowali na Twoją decyzję dotyczącą dojeżdżania do szkoły rowerem
• opisz problem, który pojawił się pewnego dnia w trakcie dojazdu do szkoły rowerem
• przedstaw swój pomysł na akcję promującą dojeżdżanie do szkoły rowerem i poproś czytelników bloga o opinię na temat Twojej propozycji.
Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów, pamiętając, że jej długość powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 wyrazów (nie licząc wyrazów w zdaniach, które są podane). Oceniane są: umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty), spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty), bogactwo językowe (2 punkty) oraz poprawność językowa (2 punkty).

Hi everyone!
Last week I started riding to school on my new bike.

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