Interviewer: Everybody loves the delicious food which you can buy from a food truck parked in the street. But what if you’re at sea? In that situation you might want to check out the pizzeria run by Sam Brown. He’s with us today. Sam, how did it all start?
Man: Hello. My wife and I went on holiday to the Caribbean. We loved the white beaches and coral reefs so much that we decided to stay in the Caribbean for good. We bought a little beach cottage and to earn a living we opened a pizzeria. But our pizzeria has no address because it’s… on a boat!
Interviewer: Wouldn’t it be easier to work on the beach?
Man: Well, renting a pizzeria on the beach turned out to be too expensive. But one day I saw an old boat in a port. I got it for free from the owner because it was in really poor condition and the engine didn’t work. I fixed the engine myself and renovated the boat. I also installed a special ventilation system, a pizza oven and fridges, and here we are.
Interviewer: Who are your customers?
Man: People who live on their boats and don’t want to cook. Most of them just sail up to us, form a kind of a queue to give their orders and then just pick the pizza up.
Interviewer: And how about the customers who can’t get to you?
Man: There are not many of them. But they can order our pizzas by radio, phone or e-mail and then my wife takes the food to them in our small motorboat. Unfortunately, we only have a licence to serve people who are on boats on the sea. So, if you are, for example, on the beach we can’t deliver to you.
Interviewer: And the last question. What are your opening hours?
Man: We’re usually open from noon till midnight. We never work longer hours, even on Saturdays. And from September to November we close earlier, so it’s best to check the opening times.
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