Woman: Well, Big Rig is advertised as a truck racing game in which players have to transport cargo across the US, avoiding the police and going faster than other drivers. But there were only three old trucks to choose from and they looked silly. And what’s more, when I started driving, the truck next to me didn’t move off the starting line, so actually I had no competitors during my race! What a waste of time!
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Man: For 100 years, our company has been offering cars to rent for holidays, adventures, races and more. To celebrate this anniversary, we’re giving four people the chance to drive one of the most expensive cars in the world, our Maserati Levante, for free! Why don’t you give it a try? All you need to do is send a cool photo of yourself driving a car to by 18th September. The four best photos will win the prize!
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Woman: Do you want to feel like a racing car driver? Whichever type of car you like best, a classic car, a Formula 1 racing car or a luxury car, you’ll find them in the options. The best part is that more and more cars are being added to the selection, so you’ll never run out of options. You can also choose your favourite racing track and add special features when you score points. The graphics are excellent, so you will feel like you are right behind the wheel.
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Man: May I have your attention, please? Here’s some important information for all competitors. Remember that you must remain in your cars at all times. Anyone driving into other cars or into the barriers on purpose will be removed from the competition. If you need help, drive to the side, stop the car and raise both arms into the air. Then somebody will drive over to assist you. While you are out on the track we will also communicate with you through a device in your helmets, so listen carefully. You’ll be starting in a moment. The first car to cross the finishing line 6 times will be the winner.
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