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Język angielski, matura 2023 przykładowa - poziom podstawowy - pytania i odpowiedzi

DATA: 14 marca 2022
CZAS PRACY: 120 minut
Formuła 2023

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Odpowiedzi do tej matury możesz sprawdzić również rozwiązując test w dostępnej już aplikacji Matura - testy i zadania, w której jest także, np. odmierzanie czasu, dodawanie do powtórek, zapamiętywanie postępu i wyników czy notatnik :)

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Dziękujemy developerom z firmy Geeknauts, którzy stworzyli tę aplikację

Zadanie 1. (0–5)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć wypowiedzi związanych z nauką jazdy samochodem. Do każdej wypowiedzi (1.1.–1.5.) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A–F).
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).

The speaker

A. advertises a driving course.
B. failed his/her practical driving test.
C. talks about his/her first driving lesson.
D. explains how to apply for a driving course.
E. describes an accident that happened during a driving lesson.
F. offers training for people who want to solve their emotional problems.
Zadanie 2. (0–6)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie cztery teksty. W zadaniach 2.1.–2.6. z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).

Tekst 1.
2.1. Which sequence of activities is planned by the girl?
Tekst 2.
2.2. Which is the best title for the story?
Tekst 3.
2.3. What conclusion can you draw from the conversation?
Tekst 4. (do zadań 2.4.–2.6.)

2.4. The Guardian is going to
2.5. Which is TRUE about the stickers that The Guardian is going to distribute?
2.6. The author of the text informs people about
Zadanie 3. (0–4)
Usłyszysz dwukrotnie wypowiedź przewodnika wycieczki. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu odpowiedz na pytania 3.1.–3.4., tak aby jak najbardziej precyzyjnie oddać sens wysłuchanego tekstu. Odpowiedzi należy udzielić w języku angielskim.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
3.1. What is the reason for the delay?
3.2. How long will the break in Bristol be?
3.3. What event is the group going to attend in Queen’s College?
3.4. Where will the group meet at 5:30?
Zadanie 4. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–F) do każdej części tekstu (4.1.–4.4.). Wybierz odpowiednią literę.
Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu.


In these days of digital cameras and camera phones, Polaroid cameras may seem unimportant, but it is not so in St Barth, where the iconic camera plays a key role in the interior design of a hotel known as “Villa Polaroid”. For example, in one of the bedrooms, seven Polaroid cameras from various generations are used as wall art inside white boxes. In another room an old camera functions as a part of a desk lamp. All around the property there are many armchairs with pillows presenting a graphic image of the camera.
The style in which the villa has been painted reminds us of the way in which a Polaroid photograph develops, with colours slowly becoming brighter as you move through the building. The white outside walls give way to brighter and warmer colours as you go inside the hotel, and the furniture is decorated in bright yellow, blue and red. It is like a rainbow which becomes more and more visible with each passing moment, just as the image on a Polaroid photo does!
The villa’s appearance is clearly one attraction for photographers but there are others, too. With views overlooking the sea and a large garden with lots of local plants such as orchids, the villa’s grounds are a paradise for those wanting to take that perfect photograph. As there are also cars for hire available at the villa, you have plenty of possibilities to take photos on a sightseeing tour of the area. The prices are from 30 to 150 euros per day, depending on which car you want to rent.
Weekly rentals of the villa start at 3,500 euros for two people, or 4,200 euros for up to six guests. In the high season, you will have to pay up to a few hundred euros more per day. The price includes a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi access, and a large library with many books, CDs, and DVDs. The pictures you take during your stay will be a wonderful reminder of a special holiday that will be with you for the rest of your life.
Zadanie 5. (0–7)
Przeczytaj cztery teksty (A–D). Wykonaj zadania 5.1.–5.7. zgodnie z poleceniami.
Na podstawie: www.tekniskamuseet.se
Tekst B 
“Do you want something, Robbie?” said Gloria. “Oh, I know. You want a story.” 
The robot nodded. 
“Which one?” 
Robbie made a semi-circle in the air with one finger. 
The little girl protested, “Again? I’ve told you Cinderella a million times. Aren’t you bored with it? It’s for babies!
” Another semi-circle. 
“Well, so be it. Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl. And she had a terribly cruel stepmother and two very ugly and very cruel stepsisters...” Gloria was in the middle of the story when they heard her mother call: “Gloria, where are you?” 
“Mamma’s calling me, Robbie. We’d better get back to the house,” said Gloria. 
“Where were you?” Mrs. Weston asked impatiently when she saw them. 
“I was telling Robbie a story, and I forgot it was dinner-time,” Gloria tried to explain. “Well, it’s a pity Robbie forgot, too,” Mrs. Weston said, throwing an angry look at the robot, 
“You may go, Robbie. She doesn’t need you now.” And then she added sharply, “Don’t come back till I call you.”

Na podstawie: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

Tekst C

A.I. robot serves customers at Seoul restaurant

“Aglio Kim”, a robot which is equipped with artificial intelligence, is serving food to customers at a restaurant in Seoul. The customers first order from the menu using a touch-screen on their table, and then the robot brings their order to the table. The robot is equipped with food trays which can carry up to 30 kilograms and can deliver food to up to four tables at a time. It also has an LCD screen and a speaker to communicate with customers. The robot has been programmed to speak not only Korean but also English, so the restaurant is visited by many foreign tourists and it has become one of the city’s favourite new attractions. 
There are plans to produce more robots for restaurants this year and create a model with voice recognition technology early next year.

Na podstawie: https://reuters.com

Tekst D

A hundred people were asked if they would feel comfortable or uncomfortable about a robot performing certain tasks for them. Below you can see the results of the survey.

Źródło: https://reuters.com

Przeczytaj zdania 5.1.–5.3. Dopasuj do każdego zdania właściwy tekst (A–D). Wybierz poprawną odpowiedz. 
Uwaga: jeden tekst nie pasuje do żadnego zdania.
5.1 This text presents people’s opinions about the roles which robots might have.
5.2 This text advertises an event for people who want to learn about different robots.
5.3 This text shows someone’s unkindness towards a robot.
Przeczytaj wiadomość, którą Jack wysłał do kolegi. Uzupełnij luki 5.4.–5.7 zgodnie z treścią tekstów (A–D), tak aby jak najbardziej precyzyjnie oddać ich sens. Luki należy uzupełnić w języku angielskim. Uwaga: w każdą lukę można wpisać maksymalnie trzy wyrazy.

Hi Tim,

Yesterday I went to see an exhibition which shows many interesting robots. It is great because visitors can learn a lot but they can also play with the robots. There is even one robot which can read people’s emotions. It is called
I went to see the exhibition after school so I didn’t have enough time to see everything, but I will go again at the weekend. They close later at weekends and there is the option of having 5.5.. I will choose the one which starts in the morning and then I can spend all day there.
When I was there yesterday, I bought a great book. I’ve already started reading it. There is a great story there about a little girl who tells fairy tales to a robot. The robot loves fairy tales! If it wants to listen to its favourite one, it draws 5.6. in the air. Can you imagine that?
I know robots are really popular in Asia. I’ve read an article recently about a restaurant in Korea where a robot serves food. There are no waiters. The only real person working there is a chef. The robot can 5.7. , so the restaurant has become popular with visitors from other countries.

Are you also interested in robots?

Zadanie 6. (0–5)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Wybierz jedną z liter: A, B, C albo D.
 Have you ever wondered why traffic lights are red, yellow and green?

 The first signalling system was built in London in 1868. It was not designed for motor cars as they didn’t exist at that time. Horse-drawn carriages were a popular means of transport in those days and there were many pedestrians, but the first traffic signalling system was not for them either. In fact, it was for controlling railway vehicles. At first the system was pretty basic and didn’t even have lights. There were just two wooden arms that moved. Their position informed train drivers to go or to stop. But at night it was impossible to see the arms, so railway engineers installed simple lights to make the system visible after dark. Red was for “stop”, green for “be careful” and white for “go”.
However, the choice of white for “go” caused a lot of problems. At night, white lights from street lamps sometimes made train drivers believe the white traffic light was on and that they could go. This resulted in several serious collisions, and railway officials decided to replace the white light with yellow and to change the meaning of the traffic light colours. The green light now meant “go” and yellow meant “be careful” as it was the most clearly visible traffic light at night. Soon the system was introduced on roads, and red, yellow and green lights have been used ever since. 

And have you ever wondered how colour-blind drivers, who cannot tell the difference between some colours, read traffic lights? Most of them rely on the order of the lights, because green is at the bottom and red is at the top, and this order never changes. 

Road engineers in the United States wanted to help colour-blind people recognize the lights better. At first, they tried making the lights much stronger, but it was not effective. One successful solution was changing the lights by adding an orange shade to the red light and a blue shade to the green. This change made a big difference to most colour-blind drivers and such lights can be found all over the USA. Another idea, called Uni-Signal, combines colours with shapes. In this system the red light is triangle-shaped, the green light is square, and the yellow light is a circle. These different shapes allow colour-blind drivers to identify traffic lights from much farther away. However, this system is not widely used because introducing it would be extremely expensive. 

Some people believe that the best way to make roads safer is to have no traffic lights at all! The idea is simple – if no one is automatically given the right to drive through at crossroads, then everybody will drive more carefully. However, opponents of this solution say that traffic lights are necessary, especially at big crossroads where the traffic is heavy.

Na podstawie: www.autoevolution.com; www.todayifoundout.com
The first signalling system was designed for
Railway officials decided to stop using the white light because it was
Colour-blind drivers in the USA were helped when
Which is stated in the text as an OPINION, not a fact?
Which is the best title for the text?
Zadanie 7. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Podaj w każdą lukę (7.1.–7.4.) literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.


Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the famous 19th-century English poet and artist, was once visited by an elderly man who showed him some drawings. 7.1. After seeing the first few, Rossetti knew that they were rather poor. He felt sorry for the man, but he couldn’t lie.
7.2. The man was disappointed, but seemed to have expected the negative opinion. He apologized to Rossetti for taking up his time.
7.3. The artist examined the next set of sketches and immediately became enthusiastic over the talent they showed. “These,” he said, “oh, these are very good. This artist has great talent.
He should get help and encouragement. He has a great future.” 7.4. “Yes,” said the man sadly. “The first drawings I showed you were my son’s. But these are mine – from 40 years ago. It’s a pity I didn’t hear your opinion then! I got discouraged and gave up too soon.”

Na podstawie: https://combinedharvesters.wordpress.com
A. Then, he asked Rossetti to look at some more drawings and once again wanted his opinion. 
B. So, as gently as possible, he explained that the pictures were without much value. 
C.Rossetti asked the man if he knew this gifted artist, and the man nodded. 
D. Rossetti agreed but wanted to know who had done all the drawings. 
E. He wanted Rossetti to tell him if they showed any potential.
Zadanie 8. (0–3)
Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (8.1.–8.3.). Wybierz spośród podanych opcji brakującą wypowiedź lub jej fragment, tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
X: Doctor, I’m not feeling very well.
Y: _____
X: I’ve got this awful pain in my stomach.
X: We have to hurry up or we will be late.
Y: Don’t worry. We still have some time. The match starts _____.
X: Great! That leaves us plenty of time to get some pizza.
X: I really love skiing. What about you?
Y: _____
X: Oh no, not at all.
Zadanie 9. (0–4)
W zadaniach 9.1.–9.4. spośród podanych opcji (A–C) wybierz tę, która najlepiej oddaje sens wyróżnionego zdania albo fragmentu zdania.
9.1. It’s been more than a year since I saw my cousin.
9.2. Our boss gave us permission to take a day off before Christmas.
9.3. Jeremy entered his first art competition when he was in high school.
9.4. Fewer people came to the meeting than we had expected.
Zadanie 10. (0–3)
W zadaniach 10.1.–10.3. wpisz wyraz, który poprawnie uzupełnia obydwa zdania. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.
• Could you _____ me where the nearest bank is?
• My parents taught me never to _____ a lie.
• His flat is _____ from the city center.
• We have not received a letter from him so _____.
• Would you please _____ me a favour and take this letter to the post office?
• I'll cook if you _____ the dishes after dinner.
Zadanie 11. (0–3)
Uzupełnij zdania 11.1.–11.3. Wykorzystaj w odpowiedniej formie wyrazy podane w nawiasach. Nie należy zmieniać kolejności podanych wyrazów, trzeba natomiast – jeśli jest to konieczne – dodać inne wyrazy, tak aby otrzymać logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne zdania. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentów zdań.
Uwaga: w każdą lukę możesz wpisać maksymalnie cztery wyrazy, wliczając w to wyrazy już podane.
Please don’t disturb Susan right now! She (try / learn) a poem by heart.
Do you know that (one / Jane / interest) is collecting film posters from foreign countries?
Mark began writing his essay an hour ago. He (already / write) most of it.
Zadanie 12. (0–12)
Dowiedziałeś(-aś) się o planach zamknięcia klubu sportowego, w którym trenujesz. Na swoim blogu:
• przedstaw powód zamknięcia klubu
• wyjaśnij, dlaczego, Twoim zdaniem, zamknięcie klubu jest złym pomysłem
• napisz, w jaki sposób zamierzasz ratować klub przed zamknięciem
• poproś czytelników bloga o inne pomysły dotyczące ratowania klubu przed zamknięciem i poinformuj, w jaki sposób mogą Ci je przekazać.

Napisz swoją wypowiedź w języku angielskim.
Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów, tak aby osoba nieznająca polecenia w języku polskim uzyskała wszystkie wskazane w nim informacje. Pamiętaj, że długość wypowiedzi powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 wyrazów (nie licząc wyrazów podanych na początku wypowiedzi). Oceniane są: umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (5 punktów), spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty), zakres środków językowych (3 punkty) oraz poprawność środków językowych (2 punkty).


 Hi, everyone! Can you believe that our sports club is going to be closed soon?

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Poniżej podajemy wybrane linki do kierunki studiów na uczelniach, w których są brane pod uwagę wyniki tylko z dwóch przedmiotów zdawanych na maturze na poziomie podstawowym
(często uczelnie dają wyboru więcej przedmiotów a wybieramy z nich dwa):


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