Zadanie 3. 
Good morning, everybody. My name is Peter. I’d like to welcome you all on behalf of Discover England Tours. Today I’ll be your guide on your trip from Exeter to Oxford. I’m here to make your journey as enjoyable as possible so please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. 
First, let me tell you a little bit about our timetable for today. Unfortunately, there have already been some small changes. As you know, we were scheduled to leave at 8 o’clock but well... it’s 8.15 and we’re still here. That is because of technical problems we’re experiencing with the coach. We’re hoping to get the problems sorted out within the next 15 minutes. But because of the delay our stop in Bristol will be shorter. We originally planned to spend 45 minutes there, but now it’s going to be just half an hour. I’m very sorry about that. 
We should arrive in Oxford around eleven o’clock and we will start our sightseeing at Queen’s College. Many experts think that Queen’s is the finest example of classical architecture in the town, so it’s definitely worth a visit. At this time of the year in its beautiful chapel, there are wonderful concerts of instrumental music. We are going to listen to one of them during our visit. After the concert, you’ll have free time for lunch and shopping. That’s from one, no, sorry, from two o’clock. Just in case you don’t remember the way back to our car park, let’s meet in the main square at half past five and walk back to the coach together.
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