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Język angielski, matura 2023 maj - poziom podstawowy - pytania i odpowiedzi

DATA: 5 maja 2023
CZAS PRACY: 120 minut
Formuła 2023

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Odpowiedzi do tej matury możesz sprawdzić również rozwiązując test w dostępnej już aplikacji Matura - testy i zadania, w której jest także, np. odmierzanie czasu, dodawanie do powtórek, zapamiętywanie postępu i wyników czy notatnik :)

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Zadanie 1. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie wywiad z archeologiem. Zaznacz, które zdania są zgodne z treścią nagrania (T – True), a które nie (F – False).

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
1.1. Mark found employment in Egypt because he could draw very well.
1.2. A well-known professor encouraged Mark to start studying archaeology.
1.3. Mark stopped working in Egypt because of a natural disaster there.
1.4. Mark once discovered a vase made of gold.
1.5. At present, Mark works as a journalist.
Zadanie 2. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć wypowiedzi związanych z domami. Do każdej wypowiedzi (2.1.–2.5.) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A–F). Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
The speaker
A. describes a house which he/she discovered on the way to work.
B. recommends visiting a house owned by a famous film director.
C. gives information about a house to people who are on a tour.
D. encourages people to book a stay at a certain house.
E. talks about a house built only for use in a film.
F. explains how a certain type of house is made.
Zadanie 3. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie trzy teksty. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
Tekst 1.
3.1. Which is the correct order of the events?
Tekst 2.
3.2. The speaker tells this story in order to
Tekst 3. (do zadań 3.3.–3.5.)
3.3. Which sunglasses suit the woman best?
3.4. The difference between the two pairs of sunglasses which the woman buys is in their
3.5. The woman is talking with
Zadanie 4. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–F) do każdej oznaczonej części tekstu (4.1.–4.4.).
Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu.
As a young girl, Vera Wang was passionate about figure skating. She competed professionally throughout her teens. Her ambition was to become a member of the USA national figure skating team and take part in the Olympics. Unfortunately, when she was 16, she failed to qualify for the Olympics. After this disappointment, Vera decided to stop skating.
She began studying art history at Sara Lawrence College and spent her summers working at the Yves Saint Laurent store in her home city. One day at the store, she met a man who worked for Vogue – a famous fashion magazine. To her surprise, he invited her to work for the magazine as an assistant to the fashion director. Within a year, Wang was promoted and became one of the magazine’s youngest ever senior fashion editors.
In 1987, Vera Wang left Vogue to take a job as a design director at Ralph Lauren. A short time later, she began planning her wedding. Because she was unable to find a wedding dress that satisfied her, she designed one herself. This made her realize that she had the talent and passion necessary to become a professional dress designer. In 1990, Wang quit her job at Ralph Lauren and opened her own clothing boutique with the plan to design and sell her own collections.
At first, her shop offered clothes only from well-known designers. Then, she gradually started adding her own designs. She first received international attention during the 1994 Winter Olympics. She had designed a costume that figure skater Nancy Kerrigan wore while skating. Soon, celebrities from many countries were wearing her dresses at various events and her designs were a popular topic of discussion on top TV shows
Na podstawie: hbr.org
Zadanie 5. (0–7)
Przeczytaj cztery teksty (A–D). Wykonaj zadania 5.1.–5.7. zgodnie z poleceniami.

Tekst A

Na podstawie: www.quora.com

Tekst B

Some years ago, Houston airport received a large number of complaints from passengers who had to wait for their suitcases in the arrivals terminal. The airport administration made a careful analysis. They found that passengers spent just one minute walking from the arrival gate to the baggage pick-up area, and then seven minutes on average waiting for their bags. The airport administration moved the arrival gate further away, so passengers now have to walk six minutes instead of one, before they can pick up their luggage. Complaints have dropped to nearly zero since then. It seems that people prefer walking to just standing and waiting.

Na podstawie: www.nytimes.com

Tekst C

Na podstawie: internationalairportreview.com

Tekst D

Na podstawie: www.wakefieldpress.com.au
Przeczytaj zdania 5.1.–5.3. Dopasuj do każdego zdania właściwy tekst (A–D).
Uwaga: jeden tekst nie pasuje do żadnego zdania.
5.1. This text describes how an airport solved the problem of annoyed passengers.
5.2. This text may be useful to people who are looking for travel bargains.
5.3. This text is a review of a book which is based on a true story.
Przeczytaj wiadomość Michaela do Alice. Uzupełnij luki 5.4.–5.7. zgodnie z treścią tekstów A–D, tak aby jak najbardziej precyzyjnie oddać ich sens. Luki należy uzupełnić w języku angielskim.
Uwaga: w każdą lukę można wpisać maksymalnie trzy wyrazy.
Hi Alice,

I’m so happy that you are coming to Australia for your summer holiday. I’m looking forward to showing you round Sydney, my hometown.
If you want to save money on airline tickets, choose connecting flights instead of direct ones. I suggest going via Istanbul. The airport is truly amazing there. There is even 5.4. ........................., where you can enjoy an exhibition of twenty fantastic portraits.
The most unusual thing about the pictures is that the materials used to make them were collected at 5.5. ......................... .
Another useful tip is to buy your tickets online a few weeks before you fly. I read that it’s important not only what day of the week you actually fly, but also when you make the booking. To have a chance of getting the best price you should book your ticket on 5.6. ......................... .
Your journey will be a long one, so take a good book with you. I’ve recently read a wonderful historical novel. The main character, who worked during the war as 5.7. ......................... , decides to take part in an air race from Europe to Australia while his girlfriend waits for him at home. It’s a story full of romance and adventure. I’m sure you’ll love it!
I can’t wait to see you in Sydney!
Bye for now, Michael
Zadanie 6. (0–5)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.
_ _ _

“Can I help you, Miss?” – I heard a strong male voice behind me.
“I’m going up to deck A. Isn’t this the right way?” I replied. And then I added: “I’ve just received an invitation from Oona Sheehan to visit her in her first-class cabin.” I quickly showed him the message I had got from Oona. “Very good, Miss. Allow me to go with you,” the man said. He led me up to Oona’s cabin, knocked on the door and we entered. “If you please, madam, there’s a young lady to see you – her name is Molly Murphy.”
“How good of you to come, Molly,” Oona said.
“Miss Sheehan, why exactly did you invite me?” I asked a moment after the steward had left the cabin. “You hardly know me!”
Oona said: “Molly, I know that you are a lady detective, so you must be the kind of woman who likes a challenge and perhaps you would like to earn some extra money on this trip. I have a small proposition for you. It’s not always easy being me. I can never be alone, never have a chance to be myself. Even now, on this ship, in the middle of the ocean. People follow me like puppy dogs. It can become very tiring. I’m taking this trip home because my doctor has ordered me to slow down and rest. I would like some peace and quiet during the voyage.”
“You said you had a proposition for me,” I said.
“Yes. I want to change places with you on this voyage,” Oona said to my surprise.
“You want what?” I asked.
“Exactly what I said. For this voyage I want to become Molly Murphy, and I want you to stay in this cabin and become Oona Sheehan.”
“But that’s absurd,” I said.
“I’ve thought it all out. I’ll announce that I am feeling ill and I am staying in my cabin. If anyone knocks on the door and tries to talk to you, tell them that you have a terrible sore throat,” Oona said.
“Let me get this right. You’ll take my second-class cabin, down on E deck?” I asked.
“Yes. Say you’ll agree, and I’ll pay you straight away,” Oona said.
I thought for a moment. “I’ll do it,” I said.
She handed me a hundred dollars. Then she said: “Let’s exchange clothing and I’ll make my way down to E deck. And of course, feel free to use anything you like.” When we had switched clothes, she left. I stood in my new cabin, still feeling shocked. This was certainly the strangest thing which had ever happened to me. I was about to start a great adventure in my new role as Oona Sheehan. Then I heard someone knocking on my door.
“Come in,” I called, trying to sound like a famous actress with a sore throat. A pretty young woman entered the room and smiled politely.
“Good morning, Miss Murphy, I’m Rose, and Miss Sheehan has just asked me to look after you and give you whatever you need.”
I realized that it was going to be an unusual voyage.
Na podstawie: In Dublin’s Fair City by Rhys Bowen
6.1. From the beginning of the text, we learn that the steward
6.2. Oona invited Molly to her cabin because she
6.3. Before Molly made her decision, Oona
6.4. When Oona left the cabin,
6.5. Which is the best title for the story?
Zadanie 7. (0–3)
Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Podaj w każdą lukę (7.1.–7.4.) literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.
An elderly woman was standing by her car, which was parked on the side of the road. A driver passing by saw that she had a problem, so he stopped near her Mercedes and got out. 7.1. This made the woman feel more comfortable although she didn’t like talking to people she did not know. The man smiled and introduced himself: “My name is Bryan Anderson.”
When he took a closer look at her car, he noticed that one of the tyres was flat. It took him some time to change it. 7.2. Bryan smiled and said: “If you really want to pay me back, the next time you see someone in need, try to help.”
Later that evening, the owner of the Mercedes stopped at a small café. 7.3. She had probably spent the whole day on her feet, but she still had a smile on her face and quickly took the customer’s order. The woman really admired the waitress, and then she remembered Bryan. She finished her meal and paid with a hundred-dollar bill.
7.4. There was only a piece of paper on the table with a note on it, which said: “Somebody once helped me, just like I’m helping you now.” The waitress found another four hundred dollars under the note. That night, when she got home, she told her husband: “Everything is going to be all right, Bryan Anderson.”
Na podstawie: www.inspirationalstories.eu
A. When he had finished, the woman asked how much she owed him.
B. Inside, the woman saw a young waitress who looked tired but friendly.
C. The woman knew that the man did not realize how much she needed it.
D. The woman looked worried, so the stranger said he was there to help her.
E. The waitress went to get the change but when she came back, the woman was not there.
Zadanie 8. (0–3)
Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (8.1.–8.3.). Wybierz spośród podanych opcji brakującą wypowiedź lub fragment wypowiedzi, tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
X: I wonder why they aren’t here yet.
Y: _____
X: Let’s ask Jimmy then. He might know.
X: You did such a good job. Congratulations!
Y: _____
X: The others are impressed, too.
X: They look so similar. I don’t know which one I should choose.
Y: _____ take both?
X: Great. I’ll do that. Thanks.
Zadanie 9. (0–4)
W zadaniach 9.1.–9.4. spośród podanych wyrazów wybierz ten, który poprawnie uzupełnia luki w obu zdaniach.
After reading this text, _____ to page 27 and look at the pictures.
If you want to look good in the photo, _____ your head a bit to the left.
Mr Brown is getting old, and he seems to be in _____ health.
They were still too _____ to buy the car of their dreams.
Don’t forget to let the cat _____ soon. He’s in the garden now.
Did you hand _____ your essay on time? The deadline was yesterday.
If you win the competition, you’ll get _____ tickets to the cinema.
Jean likes spending her _____ time cycling.
Zadanie 10. (0–3)
Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij każdą lukę (10.1.–10.3.) jednym wyrazem, tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.
Some time ago, there was an unusual government meeting about the problem of global warming. The Maldivian president and eleven ministers dived 3.8 metres below the sea surface 10.1. meet at tables underwater.
They were there with diving instructors 10.2. were hired to make sure that everybody was safe.
The politicians were dressed 10.3. black diving suits and were wearing masks and oxygen tanks. Using white boards and hand signals to communicate they spent half an hour on the seabed. The president hopes the event will remind people about the dangers of climate change.
Na podstawie: www.reuters.com
Zadanie 11. (0–3)
Przetłumacz na język angielski fragmenty podane w nawiasach, tak aby otrzymać logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne zdania. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentów zdań.
Uwaga: w każdą lukę możesz wpisać maksymalnie trzy wyrazy.
11.1. (Czy mogę użyć) your laptop for a while?
11.2. This city is worth visiting. I (nigdy nie widziałam) such beautiful buildings in my life. They are really amazing.
11.3. Don’t make (tak dużo hałasu) when the baby is sleeping.
Zadanie 12. (0–12)
W ubiegłym tygodniu wygrałeś(-aś) konkurs fotograficzny dla młodzieży. W e-mailu do kolegi z Anglii:
• wyjaśnij powody uczestnictwa w tym konkursie
• opisz, co przedstawia Twoje zwycięskie zdjęcie
• zrelacjonuj przebieg wręczania nagród
• zachęć kolegę do udziału w konkursie fotograficznym w przyszłym roku i napisz, w jaki sposób pomożesz mu przygotować się do tego konkursu.

Hi Mark,
Guess what! Last week I won a photo competition for teenagers.
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Poniżej podajemy wybrane linki do kierunki studiów na uczelniach, w których są brane pod uwagę wyniki tylko z dwóch przedmiotów zdawanych na maturze na poziomie podstawowym
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