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Język angielski, matura 2023 próbna - poziom podstawowy - pytania i odpowiedzi

DATA: 13 grudnia 2022
CZAS PRACY: 120 minut
Formuła 2023

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Odpowiedzi do tej matury możesz sprawdzić również rozwiązując test w dostępnej już aplikacji Matura - testy i zadania, w której jest także, np. odmierzanie czasu, dodawanie do powtórek, zapamiętywanie postępu i wyników czy notatnik :)

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Zadanie 1. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę ze znanym artystą. Zaznacz, które zdania są zgodne z treścią nagrania.
We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
1.1. Nick built a life-size Lego animal when he was 5 years old.
1.2. Nick had to buy a lot of new Lego bricks to make his self-portrait.
1.3. Nick’s family and friends encouraged him to earn money by making Lego sculptures.
1.4. Nick sells his Lego sculptures online.
1.5. Nick regrets changing his job.
Zadanie 2. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć wypowiedzi związanych z tematem snu. Do każdej wypowiedzi (2.1.–2.5.) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A–F).
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.
We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
The speaker
A. offers work that involves sleeping.
B. criticises the quality of the beds in a luxury hotel.
C. recommends a cultural event connected with sleeping.
D. talks about the benefits that daytime sleep can bring.
E. complains about a situation in which sleep was impossible.
F. describes how a good night’s sleep caused a stressful experience.
Zadanie 2.1.
wypowiedź 1.
Zadanie 2.2.
wypowiedź 2.
Zadanie 2.3.
wypowiedź 3.
Zadanie 2.4.
wypowiedź 4.
Zadanie 2.5.
wypowiedź 5.
Zadanie 3. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie dwa teksty. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.
We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
Tekst 1. (do zadań 3.1. i 3.2.)
Zadanie 3.1.
The speaker felt
Zadanie 3.2.
The speaker
Tekst 2. (do zadań 3.3.–3.5.)
Zadanie 3.3.
Judi says that her dog, Rex,
Zadanie 3.4.
When her street was covered with ice, Judi
Zadanie 3.5.
To reward Rex, Judi
Zadanie 4. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–F) do każdej części tekstu (4.1.–4.4.).
Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu.


Zadanie 4.1.

Few Olympians have as many chances of winning an Olympic gold medal as the Ukrainian-born ice skater Aljona Savchenko. In 2002, she represented Ukraine with Stanislaw Morozow. Then she started to represent Germany with Robinson Szolkovy. They took part in three Winter Olympics together. At their first attempt, in 2006, they did not win a medal. In 2010, the pair came 3rd but they felt disappointed. In 2014, in Sochi, Savchenko and Szolkovy were the favourites. But again they won bronze medals. Their dream of winning Olympic gold hadn’t come true.
Zadanie 4.2.

When Robinson Szolkovy decided to retire from skating, Aljona had to look for a new partner. In 2016, she teamed up with Bruno Massot, a skater from France. However, a year later Aljona twisted her ankle badly during training and this caused a long break in their preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Another problem was that to represent Germany, Massot had to change his nationality. He managed to pass the final test to become a German citizen on 7th November 2017, shortly before the Olympics started.
Zadanie 4.3.

At the 2018 Winter Olympics, Savchenko and Massot skated their short programme to Caro Emerald’s “That Man”. Their performance, however, was not perfect, because at one point in the programme Bruno accidentally did a double jump instead of a triple. As a result, they lost many points and after the first stage of the competition they found themselves in 4th place. Aljona felt sad because it seemed that her dream of winning the Olympic gold medal had very little chance of coming true.
Zadanie 4.4.

But the next day, Savchenko and Massot came back strong in their free programme, the second stage of the competition. They made no mistakes this time, and amazed the crowds with their beautiful choreography and difficult jumps and spins. Their score was so high that they set a new world record. They managed to beat all the other pairs and win the gold medal. Aljona could finally celebrate!
Na podstawie: www.bbc.com
Zadanie 5. (0–7)
Przeczytaj cztery teksty (A–D). Wykonaj zadania 5.1.–5.7. zgodnie z poleceniami.

Tekst A
We have asked 300 dog owners what it is like to have a dog. Below you can find their most frequent answers:

Daily walks with my dog keep me in good shape.
My dog makes me really happy.
I don’t feel so lonely.
My children have learned to be responsible.
When I walk my dog, I make friends easily.
If you get a dog, you can feel safe.

As you can see, dogs make our lives better.

Na podstawie: https://www.akc.org

Tekst B

For years I’d wanted to adopt a dog from a well-known shelter but I couldn’t decide what kind of dog I wanted. One day, I was looking at the shelter website, and I saw her face. Her name was Sassy, a 7-year-old medium-sized dog. I fell in love with her, and on the same day I went to the shelter.

When Sassy saw me, she immediately liked me. Although I was worried because she weighed a lot and had some health problems, I decided to take her home.

Adopting Sassy is the best thing I’ve done in my life. The only problem is that Sassy gets tired quickly so we avoid going for long walks. One of the things I like most about her is that she is not aggressive at all.

My experience shows that you should give every dog a chance. I’m glad I have her.


Na podstawie: https://www.animalhumanesociety.org

Tekst C
A conversation about dogs in an online chat room

Mark: Well, I’ve been walking other people’s dogs regularly for a year. I think being a dog walker is quite hard at times, but I like it and I earn some extra money.
Kate: What’s the hardest thing about it?
Mark: Well, sometimes I have to walk several dogs on the same day. Then I have to plan everything carefully. But the job keeps me fit.
Kate: In my job I wash dogs and then brush their fur. I love what I do because it is both fun and creative. But the dogs move around a lot when I’m working on them, so sometimes it is quite hard work for me.
Brenda: As a vet’s assistant, I often have to look after sick dogs. Some of them are really difficult to handle, but it’s usually because they’re scared.

Na podstawie: https://www.timeforpaws.co.uk

Tekst D

If you decide to come to our training sessions with your dog, you will learn how to:
• teach your dog to follow a wide range of commands
• help your dog to be happy when home alone
• keep your dog slim
• stop your dog biting and chewing household items
• deal with any aggression your dog might have.

So if you feel that you and your dog need our support, call us on 01202 861340. We promise that you will start to see positive changes in your dog in a very short time.

Na podstawie: https://www.reed.co.uk; https://www.whatagreatdog.com
Przeczytaj zdania 5.1.–5.3. Dopasuj do każdego zdania właściwy tekst (A–D).
Uwaga: jeden tekst nie pasuje do żadnego zdania.
Zadanie 5.1.
This text contains opinions on paid work with dogs.
Zadanie 5.2.

This text mentions where someone got a dog.
Zadanie 5.3.

This text is for people who want to improve their dog’s behaviour.
Przeczytaj komentarz pod wpisem Matthew. Uzupełnij luki 5.4–5.7 zgodnie z treścią tekstów (A–D), tak aby jak najbardziej precyzyjnie oddać ich sens. Luki należy uzupełnić w języku angielskim.
Uwaga: w każdą lukę można wpisać maksymalnie trzy wyrazy.
Zadanie 5.4.
Matthew, thanks for saving Sassy ☺.
I know that finding a dog to adopt can sometimes take a lot of
and effort.
Zadanie 5.5.
Luckily, it’s not always like that! If Sassy is too fat and doesn’t like going for walks, why don’t you go to together? It will teach you a lot about how to take care of her.
Zadanie 5.6.
Also, remember that whenever you are busy, you can ask a friend to help you with Sassy, or you can hire a to spend time with her outdoors. Taking Sassy out for walks is very important, not only for her.
Zadanie 5.7.
As some dog owners said in a recent survey, walking your dog can keep you fit. It’s also easy to while you are out with your dog. Plus, having a dog really helps people who are lonely. Dogs are such good companions! My friend is a vet, so if you have any questions, you can always ask her about Sassy. Good luck!
Zadanie 6. (0–5)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.

At 8.30 that evening, George Jackson was hiding with his bicycle in a dark side street off Woodstock Road. From his position, he could see the phone box. There was nobody in the street. It was a full moon. The night was cloudless and clear, which was unusual for that time of year. The time was passing very slowly and Jackson was shaking, definitely not from the cold, because the weather was almost summery. “If only someone had just lent me the money, I wouldn’t have to go through all this”, he thought with anger.

Suddenly he saw the lights. The blue Rolls-Royce appeared, moving very slowly. Then it stopped. The driver got out, and carrying a brown bag, went to the phone box. As the man passed under the street lamp, Jackson saw that he was of medium height, about forty, with dark hair going grey and dressed in an expensive suit. “Too expensive for a detective,” thought Jackson. Suddenly he went cold with fear as he saw the man dialing slowly. Was he calling the police? After a few words to whoever was at the other end of the line, the man came out, put the bag behind the phone box, walked back to the Rolls and drove off. The road was as quiet as a grave.

Jackson hesitated. When he had first thought of getting money from Richards, it had all seemed so easy. Now he wasn’t sure whether to pick it up and go home quickly, or wait in case someone was watching him. He ended up waiting for fifteen minutes, and then, trying to appear normal, he walked to the phone box and picked up the bag quickly. There was no traffic, and the only person he could see in the distance was a person in a long coat, crossing the road with arms full of books. It was a university professor. Jackson put the bag into his bicycle basket and rode off towards Jericho.

He was beginning to feel more confident as he arrived outside his house. The stress had disappeared and he was able to calm down. After all, he had collected the money, and nobody had noticed him. He took the bag from the basket, and went inside. After he had made himself a cup of tea, he sat down in the armchair, too tired to feel excited. “At last,” he whispered, “I think my worries are over.”

Na podstawie: Colin Dexter, The Dead of Jericho
Zadanie 6.1.
When Jackson was hiding in the street, the night was
Zadanie 6.2.
Jackson felt scared because he
Zadanie 6.3.
When the bag was left behind the phone box, Jackson
Zadanie 6.4.
At home Jackson felt
Zadanie 6.5.
This text describes the emotions of a man who
Zadanie 7. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. W każdą lukę (7.1.–7.4.) wybierz literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.


‘Dark stores’ look like regular supermarkets, but if you tried to go into one of them, you would be surprised. 7.1. Instead, supermarket employees, who are called ‘pickers’, do the shopping. Their task is to collect items that people have ordered online.
Although dark supermarkets are similar to normal shops inside, there are some differences. 7.2. On both sides of them there are shelves which contain products that are marked with identity numbers instead of product names. Pickers walk around the shop with plastic boxes and fill them with the items that a customer has ordered.
Ordering groceries online from dark stores has become very popular, but customers expect the service to be perfect so dark stores are investing a lot of money in technology to help staff process orders smoothly and quickly. 7.3. There are also machines that help put the shopping into the delivery vans.
Although shopping online is very convenient, some customers don’t like staying at home and waiting for a delivery. 7.4. If you choose this option, you can stop on your way home from work at one of the many pick-up locations. Often they have special lockers from which you can collect your shopping at any time you want.
Na podstawie: https://www.bbc.com
A. For example, pickers are equipped with handheld computers which tell them where to find products.
B. One of these is that although there are aisles, they are wider than in your local supermarket.
C. It is for this reason that they often prefer to pick up their shopping themselves.
D. This design makes finding items in the shop very quick and easy.
E. That is because shoppers are not allowed inside.
Zadanie 8. (0–3)
Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (8.1.–8.3.). Wybierz spośród podanych opcji brakującą wypowiedź, tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
Zadanie 8.1.
X: I think you should apologize to her.
Y: _____
X: That’s good. Your behaviour yesterday was terrible.
Zadanie 8.2.
X: Tonight, I’m going to the cinema with Mark.
Y: _____
X: Thanks. I can’t wait!
Zadanie 8.3.
X: _____
Y: Certainly. What can I do for you?
X: I’m looking for a cheap smartwatch.
Zadanie 9. (0–4)
W zadaniach 9.1.–9.4. spośród podanych wyrazów (A–C) wybierz ten, który poprawnie uzupełnia luki w obu zdaniach.
Zadanie 9.1.
• There is nothing Ann likes _____ than playing video games.
• I’m glad that you feel much _____ today.
Zadanie 9.2.
• Sally had to _____ after her baby brother when their parents went shopping.
• If you don’t know a word you should _____ it up in a dictionary.
Zadanie 9.3.
• Dave can’t play a match. He has _____ his leg.
• She has _____ up with her boyfriend. They were dating for a year.
Zadanie 9.4.
• I don’t have enough _____ time to play basketball.
• Students are _____ to decide which activity to choose.
Zadanie 10. (0–3)
Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij każdą lukę (10.1.–10.3.) jednym wyrazem, tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.
Zadanie 10.1.
Make a difference to the environment by starting to live in a green way and supporting various environmental campaigns. On our website we give a lot of examples of what you 10.1. do at home, in your workplace and your community.
Zadanie 10.2.
From taking care of green areas to fighting global warming, many organizations are taking action in order 10.2. stop environmental damage and make our planet green again.
Zadanie 10.3.
Why don’t you take 10.3. in these activities and tell other people about them? Click HERE to read more about how to get involved in saving the environment.
Na podstawie: www.chanel4.com
Zadanie 11. (0–3)
Przetłumacz na język angielski fragmenty podane w nawiasach, tak aby otrzymać zdania logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentów zdań.
Uwaga: w każdą lukę możesz wpisać maksymalnie cztery wyrazy.
Zadanie 11.1.
(Co zrobiłabyś) if he invited you to the cinema?
Zadanie 11.2.
I hope our friends (spróbują pomóc) us solve the problem.
Zadanie 11.3.
Using this new app isn’t (tak łatwe jak) I expected.
Zadanie 12. (0–12)
Właśnie spędzasz wakacje pracując jako wolontariusz/wolontariuszka w ogrodzie zoologicznym. Na forum internetowym ogrodu zoologicznego, w którym pracujesz:
• napisz, dlaczego zdecydowałeś(-aś) się zostać wolontariuszem/wolontariuszką w zoo
• poinformuj, co należy do Twoich obowiązków w zoo w ramach wolontariatu
• zrelacjonuj nietypowe wydarzenie, które miało miejsce podczas wykonywania przez Ciebie jednego z zadań jako wolontariusz/wolontariuszka
• zachęć inne osoby do dołączenia do zespołu wolontariuszy w zoo i poinformuj, jakie warunki trzeba spełnić, żeby zostać wolontariuszem/wolontariuszką w tym zoo.

Napisz swoją wypowiedź w języku angielskim.
Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów, tak aby osoba nieznająca polecenia w języku polskim uzyskała wszystkie wskazane w nim informacje. Pamiętaj, że długość wypowiedzi powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 wyrazów (nie licząc wyrazów podanych na początku wypowiedzi). Oceniane są: umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (5 punktów), spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty), zakres środków językowych (3 punkty) oraz poprawność środków językowych (2 punkty).

Hi, everyone! I’m spending my summer holidays volunteering at the zoo.
Pomysły na studia dla maturzystów - ostatnio dodane artykuły

Rekrutacja na studia wg przedmiotów zdawanych na maturze

Wyszukaj kierunki studiów i uczelnie, w których brany jest pod uwagę tylko 1 przedmiot zdawany na maturze na poziomie podstawowym (często uczelnie dają do wyboru kilka przedmiotów a wybieramy z nich jeden):


kierunki studiów po maturze z WOS

Poniżej podajemy wybrane linki do kierunki studiów na uczelniach, w których są brane pod uwagę wyniki tylko z dwóch przedmiotów zdawanych na maturze na poziomie podstawowym
(często uczelnie dają wyboru więcej przedmiotów a wybieramy z nich dwa):


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kierunki po maturze z polskiego i wiedzy o społeczeństwie

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kierunki po maturze z chemii i geografii
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