Woman: Today I’m talking to Nick Sanders, an artist who doesn’t use paints, stone or metal
to create his works of art. Instead he makes sculptures out of Lego bricks. Nick,
how did you become a Lego fan?
Man: I received my first box of Lego for Christmas when I was just five years old.
I remember unpacking the present and building my first Lego house. Then, thanks
to more gifts of Lego from my family, my collection got bigger and bigger, and I was
able to build many more houses, and other things such as cars and robots. Five
years later, when I was ten, I even built a life-size dog. I did this because my
parents said I couldn’t have a real one. I wanted to show them how much I wanted
to have a pet.
Woman: When did you realize that playing with Lego could be more than a hobby?
Man: Ten years ago I used all the Lego bricks I already had at home to create a huge
sculpture of myself, a sort of self-portrait. My family and friends were really
impressed with my work. They suggested I could do that for a living. I wasn’t sure
at first, but then I decided to make a few more Lego sculptures. I put photos of
them up on my website, and soon people from around the world started to order
what I had created.
Woman: Is that when you decided to change your profession?
Man: Well, I wanted to do something more creative than being a lawyer, but I still wasn’t
sure. One day, there were so many requests on my website from people who
wanted to buy my sculptures that it stopped working for a few hours. I realized then
that it was time to leave my job and start working full-time on Lego sculptures to
sell them on my website. I can look back now and say that my worst day as a selfemployed
artist was still better than my best day as a company lawyer. This is
the life I have always wanted.

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