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Język angielski, matura 2024 maj - poziom podstawowy - pytania i odpowiedzi

DATA: 9 maja 2024
CZAS PRACY: 120 minut
Formuła 2023

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Odpowiedzi do tej matury możesz sprawdzić również rozwiązując test w dostępnej już aplikacji Matura - testy i zadania, w której jest także, np. odmierzanie czasu, dodawanie do powtórek, zapamiętywanie postępu i wyników czy notatnik :)

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Zadanie 1. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie rozmowę z kobietą prowadzącą taksówkę. Zaznacz, które zdania są zgodne z treścią nagrania (True), a które nie (False).

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
1.1. Stella advised her friend to take an exam to become a taxi driver.
1.2. Stella had problems with passing ‘The Knowledge’ exam.
1.3. Stella doesn’t mind working at night.
1.4. Stella is satisfied with the money she earns.
1.5. Stella enjoys talking to her passengers.
Zadanie 2. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć wypowiedzi na temat butelek. Do każdej wypowiedzi (2.1.–2.5.) dopasuj odpowiadające jej zdanie (A–F).
Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej wypowiedzi.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).

The speaker
A. invites listeners to take part in a weekend workshop.
B. recommends a change in how glass is recycled.
C. encourages listeners to buy a certain product.
D. talks about an idea which wasn’t successful.
E. is pleased with the results of a competition.
F. is giving visitors a tour of a place.
Zadanie 3. (0–5)
Uruchamiając odtwarzacz z oryginalnym nagraniem CKE usłyszysz dwukrotnie dwa teksty. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania.

We wskazówce jest transkrypcja (na maturze jej nie ma).
Tekst 1. (do zadań 3.1. i 3.2.)
3.1. What was found in the woman’s bag?
3.2. The woman who is talking to the policeman is
Tekst 2. (do zadań 3.3.–3.5.)
3.3. What did Julian and his wife do?
3.4. During the time spent in the castle, the couple were NOT able to
3.5. At the end of the recording, Julian
Zadanie 4. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–F) do każdej części tekstu (4.1.–4.4.).
Uwaga: dwa nagłówki zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej części tekstu.

The National Marine Park in Cancun, Mexico, is visited each year by over 750,000 divers. They come to see the world’s most amazing coral reef. Unfortunately, they also cause a lot of damage. In 2009, the park’s authorities decided to create an underwater sculpture museum as an alternative destination for divers, and in this way, protect the endangered coral reef and the sea creatures which depend on it.
The nearly 500 life-size human figures displayed in the Cancun Underwater Museum were modelled on members of the local community and presented in various poses. There is, for example, a little girl with a smile on her face looking up to the surface, six business people with their heads buried in the sand, paying no attention to their surroundings, and a tired-looking man behind a desk with a dog sitting next to him.
The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea make it easy to admire the sculptures. Visitors who are water sports enthusiasts usually choose snorkelling or scuba diving to explore this museum wonderland. For tourists who want to avoid getting wet on their trip to the museum, there are guided tours in a boat with a bottom made of glass. You can also book a day trip that combines the glass-bottom boat tour with a guided snorkelling tour with all necessary equipment included.
Most boats offering scuba diving tours of the museum leave in the early morning so you need to plan your transport to the port carefully. Any resort hotel should be able to arrange this for you. A diving licence is not necessary; however, having one is certainly a plus. Visitors without a diving licence have to take a short training course on the proper use of diving equipment and can only dive if accompanied by an instructor. While diving, you should avoid touching the sculptures or disturbing the marine life in any way. Also, wearing eco-friendly sunscreen is a must.
Na podstawie: www.trip.com
Zadanie 5. (0–7)
Przeczytaj cztery teksty (A–D). Wykonaj zadania 5.1.–5.7. zgodnie z poleceniami.

Tekst A

VanMoof is a company in Holland which produces great city bikes. A few years ago, they were not making as much money as they had expected because a lot of their bikes got damaged while being transported to their clients. So, they decided to do something about it. The obvious solution was to use stronger boxes, but VanMoof came up with a cheaper idea. They realized that couriers are more careful when they deliver TVs. So VanMoof started to send their bikes in boxes which are the same size and shape as those used for very large TVs. Since the introduction of the new packaging last year, they no longer get so many complaints about damaged bikes.

Na podstawie: www.boredpanda.com
Tekst B

Have you heard about FUNBIKE stores? One of them is located on Magnolia Lane. You can take your standard bike there and it will be turned into an electric one for just a small part of the cost of a new electric bike. Mr Robin Hughes, a representative of FUNBIKE, says, “People are beginning to learn that the great thing about electric bikes is that you can choose to pedal yourself or use the motor when you get tired or the road is steep. Either way, you will become more active yourself, you will use your car less and do something good for the planet.”

Na podstawie: www.bbc.com
Tekst C

It’s important to be safe when riding a bike. This weekend course is for cyclists who want to feel confident riding on the streets, even in bad weather conditions. We will teach you how to be prepared for anything that might happen. What equipment do you need? How should you ride when it’s dark outside? These questions and more are answered during this practical course. You’ll also be trained on how to clean a bike chain and change tyres. You will save a lot of money as a cyclist if you service your bike yourself. No bicycle is needed for this course. You can practise on our bikes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (phone: 425-829-2356; email: info@bike.org).

Na podstawie: sfbike.org
Tekst D


Na podstawie: discerningcyclist.com
Przeczytaj zdania 5.1.–5.3. Dopasuj do każdego zdania właściwy tekst (A–D).
Uwaga: jeden tekst nie pasuje do żadnego zdania.
5.1. In this text cyclists are asked about their preferences.
5.2. This text is for people who want to improve their cycling skills.
5.3. The author of this text describes how a business dealt with a financial problem.
Przeczytaj wiadomość, którą Monica wysłała do kolegi. Uzupełnij luki 5.4.–5.7. zgodnie z treścią tekstów (A–D), tak aby jak najbardziej precyzyjnie oddać ich sens. Luki należy uzupełnić w języku angielskim.
Uwaga: w każdą lukę można wpisać maksymalnie pięć wyrazów.
Hi Adam,
I know you are a keen cyclist so I want to tell you that I’m going to get a new bike soon and I plan to start cycling a lot! I’ve never liked my old bike so I rarely use it. But my mum loves it so I will give it to her. But before that, I’m going to take it to a special shop where they will change it into 5.4.. Then it will be much easier for my mum to ride.
When I was wondering about what type of bike I should buy for myself, I filled in an online questionnaire and the feedback was that I should get a city bike. These bikes aren’t 5.5. but they are very comfortable and well-equipped. I’ve just read about a Dutch company which produces city bikes and I’ve ordered one.
I’m quite sure the bike won’t arrive damaged because the 5.6. will look as if it contains a TV set so the courier will be more careful. When I get the bike, I’ll go cycling every day! I recently spent two days learning how to take care of a bike and ride it safely.
Now I’m not afraid to cycle at night or when 5.7. . I hope that after riding the bike for a few months I’ll be fitter and I’ll be able to go on a long cycling trip. Perhaps we could go together?
See you soon,
Zadanie 6. (0–5)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.
__ __ __

I went into one of my favourite local restaurants recently and sat down at a table near the door. The place was practically empty, so most of the tables were free. After a couple of minutes, a member of the staff came up to me and said, “I see you’ve seated yourself.”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Didn’t you see the ‘Please Wait to Be Seated’ sign?” she asked angrily. I’d been to that restaurant many times and, of course, I’d seen the sign before.
“Gosh, I didn’t notice it,” I said.
“Well, you may have to wait some time for the waiter to come to you,” she said. There was no other customer within 50 feet, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that I had ignored the notice. Sometimes the American love of order goes too far. To take another example, some years ago, America’s airlines began requiring passengers to present photographic identification when checking in for a domestic flight. The first time I heard of this was when I showed up to catch a plane at an airport 120 miles from my home.
“I need to see your picture ID*,” said the check-in agent.
“Really? I don’t think I have any,” I said and began emptying my pockets, and then pulling my cards from my wallet. In the end, I found an ID with my picture. It was an old driving licence. “I can’t accept it; it’s fifteen years old,” he said. “I need something with a recent picture of you.”
I took a deep breath and searched my luggage. Finally, I remembered I had a copy of one of my books with a recent photo of me on the cover. I handed it to him proudly. He looked at the book and then at the printed list of acceptable IDs. “Books are not on our list,” he said.
“I’m sure it isn’t, but it’s still me. It couldn’t be more me.” I lowered my voice and looked closer at him. “Are you seriously suggesting that I ordered this book to be printed so I could get on a plane to Buffalo?”
He looked hard at me for another minute, then called a colleague. They exchanged opinions and called more people to discuss it. We ended up with a crowd of three check-in agents, their manager, the manager’s boss and two baggage handlers.
“What is the point of all this anyway?” I said to the manager. “Why do you need a picture ID?”
“It’s a Federal Aviation Administration rule,” he said.
“But why is it a rule?”
“You see the requirement is not simply to identify yourself, but to identify yourself in a way that precisely matches a written instruction,” he answered.
In the end, the manager told the agent to check me in, but warned me not to try anything like that again.

Na podstawie: Bill Bryson, Notes from a Big Country
* ID – identity document.
6.1. The woman working in the restaurant was annoyed because the author
6.2. At the airport, the author was told that he
6.3. The author showed the check-in agent a copy of his book in order to
6.4. The manager at the airport told the author to
6.5. Which is the best title for the story?
Zadanie 7. (0–4)
Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Podaj w każdą lukę (7.1.–7.4.) literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A–E), tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.
Did you know about the friendship between the two famous geniuses, the physicist Albert Einstein, and the silent movie star, Charlie Chaplin? It started during Einstein’s US tour in the early 1930s. 7.1. His work as a scientist was so admired that he was even given the keys to the city! Later, he went to California in order to give a lecture at the California Institute of Technology.
Because he was known as a huge film lover, he was invited to watch a film at Universal Studios. 7.2. The man agreed to do so. Even though Einstein and Chaplin had exchanged letters, this was the first time the two geniuses met in person. Shortly after, they took a tour of Universal Studios
They also had lunch together, during which they talked about many serious social and political issues. 7.3. For example, Einstein said to Chaplin, “What I most admire about your art is its universality.
You don’t say a word, yet the world understands you!” 7.4. He said, “True. But your glory is even greater! The whole world admires you, even though they don’t understand a word of what you say.”
Na podstawie: www.openculture.com
A. Chaplin went on tour of the USA at the same time.
B. Chaplin’s reply to this was both intelligent and full of humour.
C. The two extraordinary men also shared some amusing moments.
D. He arrived in America in December 1930 and visited New York first.
E. While there, he asked a film director to arrange a meeting with Chaplin.
Zadanie 8. (0–3)
Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (8.1.–8.3.). Wybierz spośród podanych opcji brakującą wypowiedź lub jej fragment, tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst.
X: Let’s take the lift.
Y: _____ We’ll have to use the stairs instead.
X: Nice to see you, Dave. Sorry, Betty’s not at home at the moment.
Y: OK. _____
X: But not earlier than 6 p.m. She’s gone to the doctor’s.
X: Excuse me. _____
Y: It’s not mine. I only have this small bag.
Zadanie 9. (0–4)
W zadaniach 9.1.–9.4. spośród podanych opcji wybierz tę, która najlepiej oddaje sens wyróżnionego zdania lub jego fragmentu.
9.1. Why don’t we take part in the competition?
9.2. It is not necessary for you to help me if you are busy.
9.3. He wasn’t strong enough to lift the suitcase.
9.4. When I was a teenager, I often played football but now I don’t. I’m too busy.
Zadanie 10. (0–3)
Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij go, podając w każdą lukę (10.1.–10.3.) jeden wyraz z ramki w odpowiedniej formie, tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność gramatyczna i ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.
Uwaga: jeden wyraz został podany dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.

The Bag of Nails in Bristol, England, is not a typical pub. There are cats everywhere and there is a big sign warning visitors that dogs aren’t allowed inside. The Bag of Nails is often 10.1. Bristol’s ‘cat pub’.
The owner, Luke Daniels, says: “My pub is not a trendy cat café. The cats just happen to live here and they seem to be quite happy. The main 10.2. in my pub is not the cats, but the room where guests can play lots of different board games.”
But how did the cats get there? Luke explains that the first one, Molly, was adopted by him when he became the owner of the pub 10 years ago. All the other cats were born in the pub. Now, fifteen cats are living there. Some of them surprise guests by suddenly 10.3. onto the chairs. Others are shy and run upstairs to where Luke lives. There’s no doubt that the pub is very popular with cat lovers. Why not drop by when you’re in town?
Na podstawie: www.atlasobscura.com
Zadanie 11. (0–3)
Wykorzystując wyrazy podane drukowanymi literami, uzupełnij każde zdanie z luką, tak aby zachować sens zdania wyjściowego (11.1.–11.3.). W każdą lukę można wpisać maksymalnie cztery wyrazy, wliczając wyraz już podany. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna i gramatyczna wpisywanych fragmentów zdań.
Uwaga: nie zmieniaj formy podanych wyrazów.
11.1. Mobile phones cost as much as they did last year. CHANGED
The prices of mobile phones last year.
11.2. They might have problems with booking a flight to Paris at the last minute. THEM
It might be difficulta flight to Paris at the last minute.
11.3. May I borrow your chemistry book? MIND
Do you borrow your chemistry book?
Zadanie 12. (0–12)
Właśnie wróciłeś(-aś) z wycieczki, na którą postanowiłeś(-aś) wybrać się w pojedynkę – bez towarzystwa. We wpisie na swoim blogu:
• poinformuj, dokąd się wybrałeś(-aś), i wyjaśnij, dlaczego zdecydowałeś(-aś) się pojechać w pojedynkę
• zrelacjonuj nieoczekiwane spotkanie, które miało miejsce w trakcie wycieczki
• opisz pamiątkę przywiezioną z wycieczki
• doradź czytelnikom bloga, o czym muszą pamiętać, gdy wybierają się na wycieczkę w pojedynkę.

Hi, everyone!
I’m back from my trip. I went on it all by myself

Napisz swoją wypowiedź w języku angielskim.
Rozwiń swoją wypowiedź w każdym z czterech podpunktów, tak aby osoba nieznająca polecenia w języku polskim uzyskała wszystkie wskazane w nim informacje. Pamiętaj, że długość wypowiedzi powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 wyrazów (nie licząc wyrazów podanych na początku wypowiedzi). Oceniane są: umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (5 punktów), spójność i logika wypowiedzi (2 punkty), zakres środków językowych (3 punkty) oraz poprawność środków językowych (2 punkty).

Pomysły na studia dla maturzystów - ostatnio dodane artykuły

Rekrutacja na studia wg przedmiotów zdawanych na maturze

Wyszukaj kierunki studiów i uczelnie, w których brany jest pod uwagę tylko 1 przedmiot zdawany na maturze na poziomie podstawowym (często uczelnie dają do wyboru kilka przedmiotów a wybieramy z nich jeden):


kierunki studiów po maturze z WOS

Poniżej podajemy wybrane linki do kierunki studiów na uczelniach, w których są brane pod uwagę wyniki tylko z dwóch przedmiotów zdawanych na maturze na poziomie podstawowym
(często uczelnie dają wyboru więcej przedmiotów a wybieramy z nich dwa):


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