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Woman: Tom, have you heard about the missing girl? The police have finally found her.
Man: Do you know what exactly happened to her?
Woman: She got lost in the forest and couldn’t find her way back home. The story is making headlines all over the country.
Man: Oh, I rarely buy newspapers and I don’t have a TV. I prefer following the news online on my mobile phone. Unfortunately, it fell into the water two days ago and it hasn’t worked since then. This evening I’m visiting my dad so I hope to watch the latest TV news at his place.
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Peter is only fourteen, but he’s already published a book. When he started drawing pictures and writing stories, he didn’t think of making them public. But last year his brother, Jeff, got injured and was in hospital for a long time.When his brother got better after rehabilitation, Peter decided to publish his book and donate all the money from it to the children’s hospital foundation. This was his way to thank the doctors and nurses working there.
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When you come to San Francisco don’t forget to visit the island, which is called The Rock. Once, the island was popular with bird-watchers. Nowadays, tourists are less interested in birds. They come to see the first lighthouse built on the Pacific Coast and enjoy the nature. However, the greatest interest for tourists is a prison, which from 1934 to 1963 held several dangerous criminals. Al Capone was among them. Since 1973 the prison has been open to the public as a museum and it’s the most popular place on the island. Every year over one million tourists visit it to see where the well-known prisoners were kept.
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Man: I’ve read your homework. One of the mistakes is that you’ve included too many numbers.
Woman: Mr Thomson, but you told us to describe a historical event. Some dates were necessary.
Man: Right, but while reading the essay, I thought it was a maths paper. Some more mathematical calculations and the paper could be your maths homework. There is also too much historical data. I’m not your history teacher. I wanted a description of the event with rich vocabulary and a correct essay structure. Please, concentrate on the language. That’s what this class is all about!
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