Allan Knight looked surprised when two police officers showed up to arrest him on the charge of robbing a jeweller’s. The man received his guests sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace. He said that he had been paralysed for about twenty years and began to tell the officers off for disturbing him. But when Mr Knight was presented with a surveillance video, showing him driving a car and walking unassisted towards the shop, he admitted to committing the crime.
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Waitress: Are you ready to order, Sir? 

I intended to try something new, but I see nothing tempting on the menu. I have the impression it hasn’t changed at all since my last visit. 

Waitress: Well, I’m sure our new chef can suggest something special, not listed on the menu. 

Oh, I didn’t know the chef had changed. 

Waitress: He’s only been with us for a few weeks. He’s young, but I’m sure he’ll bring a lot of originality to our dishes. 

That’s startling! In the most prestigious ranking of city restaurants, your restaurant has been voted ‘The finest eatery’ for the past three consecutive years. Isn’t it risky to hire such a young cook? 

Waitress: Well, I’m sure our manager wouldn’t have hired someone without sufficient experience and relevant skills. The new chef will certainly not only keep up the standards we’ve offered so far, but he will even improve on them. 

All right. I’ll have the chef’s special then. 

Waitress: Certainly, Sir.
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Everybody is taking selfies nowadays, so why should I be different? I decided to pose with a great white shark. But it wasn’t just to impress people. I realized that I could show them what these animals are like in their natural environment. It’s generally thought that sharks are a major threat but as a scientist I know shark attacks on humans are very rare. We are not prey for them. There have been some cases of sharks mistaking diver silhouettes for big fish or seals, but they usually let go – we’re not as tasty as other creatures. If you want to take a look at my shots and admire those awesome animals, just go to
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