Girl: Hi, Jack. Will you come to my birthday party?

Boy: Hi, Ann. The 1 st of March, right?

Girl: Actually, no. I’m a leapling.

Boy: What’s that?

Girl: You know what a leap year is, right?

Boy: Of course. A normal year has 365 days, and every four years we add an extra day. Oh, wait... That means you were born...

Girl: ...on the 29 th of February! And this year I’m organizing my party on that exact day.

Boy: Fascinating! I don’t know any other leaplings.

Girl: Me neither. I know there’s a club for people who were born on the 29 th of February. I checked out their website once, but I didn’t sign up and I haven’t gone to any of their meetings. You know, it’s sort of like being a twin. Maybe if you met another twin, you’d say, “Wow, you’re a twin and I’m a twin.” But after that what would you talk about?

Boy: Well, you might be right, but I still think it’s awesome! The date is so special!

Girl: It only sounds cool. Once, when I tried to send an online application for my Spanish exam the system didn’t accept it. Can you imagine? I had to go in person to the language centre. Another problem is that social media don’t inform anybody about my birthday when February ends on the 28 th , so some people forget about my birthday and call me later to apologize. Fortunately, this year there is no problem. Anyway, you haven’t answered my question. Will you come to my birthday party?

Boy: Sure! I’ll be there!
adapted from
Powrót do pytań