One morning, after Thomas McCormack left for work, his dog, a Labrador called Paddy, ran outside into the garden. There, the neighbours saw him jump onto a trampoline and fly over the fence. The dog then followed McCormack to the train station, ran onto the platform and jumped onto the train just as the doors were closing. When the train left the station, the dog finally found his owner. McCormack was surprised to see Paddy run into his compartment. The next day he decided to move the trampoline away from the fence.
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The tiny town of Swett, South Dakota, is now for sale! Swett is a ghost town without any people living in it. It has several empty houses, and a large area of wasteland. It can be yours for $250,000. It first became available 16 months ago and it almost sold, but the transaction wasn’t completed. Now any potential buyer will pay 10% less, so it’s a real bargain. Hopefully, the town will find a new owner soon.
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It seems that a selfie stick is not just a tool used to help you take photos. My elderly neighbour told me that one day she borrowed a selfie stick from her grandson and wanted to try it out. She was walking with the stick in her hand when she was attacked by a masked man who wanted to steal her handbag. She raised the stick and was going to hit him with it, but before she did, he managed to run away. I’m sure he will now stay away from old ladies carrying selfie sticks.
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Woman: Oh, you’re back. Did you visit the Museum of Science on your trip?

Man: Yes, it was great. There are more than 400 amazing exhibits. Can you imagine?

Woman: How did you get your ticket?

Man: I bought it online, but it wasn’t easy. The Internet page isn’t available in English so it was really difficult for me to register and complete the booking form. It was a nightmare! Fortunately, it turned out that they had clear explanations in English in all the exhibition rooms. The problems started again in the canteen. The menu wasn’t translated so I picked something that looked yummy and luckily it was delicious.
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Man: So, one fridge magnet, three funny key rings and some bookmarks. We’ve got everything. I hope they will like the gifts we’ve bought.

Woman: Oh, we still need to get some stamps for the postcards. We have to send them today.

Man: Well, I haven’t seen a post office near here, Susan.

Woman: Let’s go downstairs and ask the receptionist. I’m sure she’ll know. Or maybe we can get the stamps at the reception.

Man: Sure. Where is our key? Oh, it’s here, on the bed. Let’s go.
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Woman: What time do you usually start filming when you are on location?

Man: A lot depends on the script, but I love filming at sunrise.

Woman: Why so early?

Man: Then the light is perfect.

Woman: Isn’t it too early for the actors?

Man: Well, not everybody can concentrate fully at that time of day and things often start to go wrong. Imagine that the scene is going well, and suddenly one of the actors forgets his lines. I tell everybody to do the scene again and sometimes we have to shoot it a few times so I get more and more irritated. The best light is soon gone and I don’t get the scene the way I planned it when I read the script.
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