Skydiving was something I really wanted to do. When an opportunity came, I decided to give it a try. I was very excited about it. But when I was on the plane and I realized it was my turn, I started to panic. I told myself that I’d only be afraid for a moment and then everything would be fine. But when I jumped out, I got so frightened that all the excitement was gone. When the parachute finally opened, I only thought about landing on the ground as quickly as possible. I’ll never do it again.
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Are you afraid of ghosts? If you want to find out, you should buy The Visitor from Nowhere. The main character is a woman stuck in an isolated house during a terrible snowstorm. In the house, the woman starts hearing strange noises and people’s voices. Is she imagining them or is she in real danger? Many of those who got to the last page of Paula Atkinson’s latest thriller kept the lights on for the whole night. It’s an incredible story!
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When I was seven, I saw a huge roller coaster and I wanted to have a ride. My parents were against it, but I was determined and after a few months, they finally let me go. I sat in the front seat of the second car. It was amazing – so fast and so exciting. After I got off, I wanted to go back on again and again. Now I’m a student and I still enjoy roller coaster rides. The bigger, the better. I think it’s something everyone should try.
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And now a dramatic story from Los Angeles. This afternoon a driver lost control of a van and drove into a jewellery shop. It happened so suddenly that the three people who were shopping there didn’t manage to escape. They were paralyzed with fear. But fortunately, nobody was hurt. When the police arrived, the driver explained that he couldn’t stop the van as there was something wrong with the brakes.
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