Interviewer: Congratulations, Joe! You are now officially the funniest teenager in Scotland. You won a prize at the Edinburgh Festival. Tell us more about it.

Joe: It was a competition for stand-up performers. Each person had to go on stage and tell a few jokes.

Interviewer: What were you thinking when you were waiting for the jury’s decision?

Joe: I knew my jokes were amusing but, honestly, I found the other competitors’ jokes much funnier. And I was sure one of them would win. So I couldn’t believe it when the jury called my name.

Interviewer: How did you prepare for the competition?

Joe: I told jokes in front of my family. I didn’t get nervous when I forgot what to say next or when I didn’t make anybody laugh. I just knew I had to practise more.

Interviewer: Do you remember the first joke you wrote?

Joe: I do. It was inspired by what had happened to me on holiday in Thailand. After returning home, I wrote a joke about it. Now I write down everything that’s funny.

Interviewer: Have you always been interested in comedy shows?

Joe: Oh yeah! I’ve loved watching sitcoms since I was a child. I’ve often imagined myself starring in one of them. Maybe one day I will. Who knows?

Interviewer: And what now? Anything interesting coming up?

Joe: I got invited onto BBC Radio Scotland to talk about teen comedians. I’ve also been asked to be one of the jurors at a comedy night show in a Glasgow café. I’ll judge the teens who want to be stand-up comedians like me.

Interviewer: Thank you, Joe.
adapted from
Powrót do pytań