Good morning everyone,
I am very happy to see you all here at our Summer Engineering Programme in Oxford. This two-week course is a perfect introduction to the world of engineering. You’re going to get a taste of what it’s like to study engineering at university. First, you’ll learn key engineering concepts from our experts and then you will be assigned to project groups, in which you will build working models of machines relevant to your project. Learning to work in a team is a skill essential for both your education and future career.
The programme is a perfect mix of academic and social activities — there’s never a dull moment! It includes a day trip to Windsor Castle and a walking tour of Oxford. Every day after classes, you’ll have plenty of ways for relaxing and spending time together. One of the options is punting on the river, a long-standing tradition in which you push the end of a long wooden pole against the bottom of the river to make your boat move. It’s not difficult to learn! You will also have a chance to try out typical English sports such as cricket and rugby. On the final day of the course, we will gather for the Graduation Ceremony during which you will take part in a formal dinner and receive your certificates. Later that evening, professional instructors will teach you some traditional Scottish dances. That is always a lot of fun!
Now, some important details about your accommodation. We only have single rooms. However, if you informed us when booking that you enrolled for the course with a friend, we have put you next door to each other. I want to remind you that students aged 13-15 will be staying in a different building from students aged 16-18, so if you are here with a sibling, you may not be staying in the same building. But there’s no need to worry, the buildings are just a few minutes’ walk from each other.
Both breakfast and dinner will be provided in the canteen in your building. If you have any dietary requirements, please speak to our programme coordinator. You can find her in her office on the second floor. At lunchtimes, you’ll have an opportunity to explore Oxford eateries on your own. To get you started, we have prepared a leaflet with a list of inexpensive and healthy lunch spots. You can pick one up at the reception desk. And now your tutors will distribute attendance sheets for you to sign. Remember you must sign your attendance sheet before you go to find your accommodation.
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