Woman: What’s the matter? Why are you sitting here?
Boy: I think I twisted my ankle when I kicked the ball to Jake.
Woman: Show me your ankle, please. Does it hurt when you move your foot?
Boy: Yes, it really hurts. I can’t stand on it.
Woman: I’d better call the school nurse. Stay on the grass here and don’t move until she comes.
Boy: OK, coach, but could you tell my biology teacher, Miss Jones, what’s happened? She will be angry if I’m late for her class again.
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Many hotel guests ask for a room with a view. Before you choose the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong, you’d better make sure you are brave enough to look out of the window. The hotel is located at the top of a skyscraper. Even if you book the lowest-level room, you are still over 400 metres above the ground. The top floor has a gym open 7 days a week and a swimming pool with windows all around, so while you’re relaxing there, you can enjoy an amazing view of Victoria Harbour.
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Tom: Mum, I need a pair of jeans and a new T-shirt.
Mum: Tom, you’ve got enough casual clothes. Wouldn’t you rather get a smart suit?
Tom: What for? I can’t think of when I’d need to put it on.
Mum: Your sister’s wedding for example… Jeans and a T-shirt are all right for school…
Tom: But I can wear my old suit, can’t I?
Mum: Don’t you think it’s a bit too small now? You’ve grown a little since last year. And it’s definitely out of fashion. Tom, I want to be proud of you… It’s an important day. The whole family will be there.
Tom: All right, mum.
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Woody Allen is an amazing director because he can show the character of cities in his films very well. I know New York will always be his favourite but I’m sure Paris is right behind. Midnight in Paris is not his first film made there, but it’s definitely his best. He shows Paris today and in the 1920s, and even when it rains the city looks great. In my opinion, the secret is the perfect lighting. It’s also clear that Allen has read a lot about the place, the artists who lived there and the fashion of the times.
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Everybody knows how hard and time-consuming it is to make one’s bed. And you have to do it every day. Not anymore. Now we’ve come up with a smart bed. You simply press a button when you wake up and the job is done. The process takes just 50 seconds so you can sleep a few minutes longer! So, visit our website and order one for yourself.
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Major Phil Packer, a soldier who came back from Iraq with a serious back injury, has just completed another London Marathon. This time it took him only one day. That’s 13 days faster than his result in 2009. Then he was so weak that he needed 2 weeks to walk the same distance. The London Marathon is just one of the walks he has completed to raise money for charity. Altogether he has collected £13 million for people in need.
adapted from Daily Mail, December 31, 2010
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