Hello, everybody. I’ve been listening to your discussion and I’d like to give my view. I think some film adaptations are good. For example, the Swedish film based on the book The Moonlight Story was fantastic. The scenes were exactly as they were written in the book and they got great actors to play the leading roles. There’s also a Hollywood version, but it has very little to do with the book. They changed the location and took out the key point which makes the story so special. I don’t understand why.


Many people say that films ruin the books, but it’s not true. They just give a different perspective on the story. Come and see for yourselves. This month the Odeon invites everyone to watch an amazing collection of the best film adaptations. Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. you can watch a literature classic on the big screen. And if you buy tickets for three shows, the next one will be free. You can’t miss this chance!


Today’s programme is about films based on books. So we want to ask you whether or not you believe that films can inspire people to read more. Watching a film is a different experience from reading a book for sure, but is it better or worse? I remember a few times when after watching a film I ran to the bookshop to get a copy of the book. Has it ever happened to you? What film was it? Call us on 021343465 and tell us what you think.


In my opinion, when you watch films, you don’t have to use your imagination as much as while reading. When you take a book, you create the characters and places in your mind in your own unique way. And you can experience the story at your own pace. Films are fun, but everything happens too quickly in them.
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