Police in South Australia encountered a great white shark several kilometers off the Yorke Peninsula yesterday. Two police officers were carrying out routine checks of registration documents and safety equipment on fishing boats. They still had one boat to check out of the 30 planned for the day when they saw that a roughly 4-metre-long shark had started following their boat. The creature circled around them for an hour and then all of a sudden swam away. The officers decided not to check the last fishing boat and headed straight for the harbor to report the incident. The owner of the boat was lucky because his registration documents were out of date.
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I have an announcement to make, but I need to start with some figures. The latest reports show that businesses produce about 70% of the city’s waste and up to 60% of the trash from offices is paper that is easily recycled. According to new regulations, the city is required to recycle 50% of its trash annually. Like all companies, we have to do our share to help meet this recycling goal. Otherwise, we risk paying huge fines. And if we recycle, we can also reduce our expenses. I’m convinced we might save as much as 25% on waste disposal costs. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a new recycling program.
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Rachel: Hi, it’s Rachel from MCQ.
Justin: Oh hi, Rachel. Did you get my mail with the suggested changes to our contract?
Rachel: Yes, but you still need to come down on the labour costs.
Justin: We’ve already given you a reasonable price, but we always try to be flexible. There might still be something we can do.
Rachel: Good. So could you reconsider the price you gave us yesterday?
Justin: We might be able to knock a bit off it. But we have certain fixed costs, you know.
Rachel: I do and that’s why I’m only asking about the labour costs. How about if you reduce those by 10 percent?
Justin: I think that might be doable.
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