Leinster Gardens is a street in west London which doesn’t look especially thrilling, but it is still worth visiting. If you walk along the street past numbers 23 and 24, you’ll notice that the windows are painted grey and the doors do not open. Very few people know that what looks like the front of the houses is really just a wall behind which there is an ugly-looking ventilation system for the London underground. If you walk round the back of the wall, you won’t see any houses there. Only underground tracks can be seen – and heard – just below.
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I’m an artist and I live in a quiet street with terraced houses on both sides. When I had to redecorate my property I thought: what if every house on my street was a different colour? I managed to convince all my neighbours to paint their houses. Now the houses are different shades of yellow, blue and red. These colours look lovely in sunny weather. The people living in the street used to be strangers but now we often have a chat over a cup of tea. And the street has become so popular that sightseeing tours often visit the neighbourhood!
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If you happen to be in Miami and you are interested in seeing creative graffiti and murals, sign up for an express tour of the Wynwood neighbourhood to see artwork on the building walls. Spend an hour riding around the district in a golf cart with your guide who will show you the best graffiti and murals. They are constantly being painted over and replaced with new art so every time you take a ride you’ll see something different. Your guide will also point out the coolest restaurants and cafés which you might want to visit later. Come and join us for an unforgettable ride.
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Seattle may not be a very popular place for sightseeing because it’s the most rainy city in the US. Yet, when you are there next time and it’s raining, look down at the city’s sidewalks. Several painters have created art on them, using special paint that you can only see on a rainy day. So, when you are in Seattle and get caught in a heavy shower, why don’t you stay outside and enjoy yourself? You may find a beautiful drawing or a fun message to cheer you up.
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