Man: Alice, you look so relaxed! How was your camping holiday with your friends?
I wasn’t camping. I was glamping.
Man: Glamping? What’s that?
Woman: It’s luxury camping. My tent, for example, was huge – about 50 sq.m. It had electricity, a fridge, a cooker and a bed. The bathroom was outside, just a few steps away from the tent. There was also a place for a campfire.
Man: Wow! Did you have to put your tent up by yourself?
Woman: No, everything was ready when we arrived. I didn’t need to take anything with me except for clothes – the bed had clean sheets and pillows. There were also fresh towels.
Man: So, it’s like staying in a hotel, isn’t it?
Woman: Not really. The tents were located in the middle of a forest, next to a small stream. There was no road, so we couldn’t get there by car. We had to walk for an hour to get to the site.
Man: And how did you spend your time there?
Woman: We spent most of the time outside in the fresh air. There was a mountain bike rental so on one of the days we had an exciting race in the forest. Another day we had a volleyball match. In the evenings we hung out around the campfire, playing the guitar and singing songs.
Man: Sounds like fun! But tell me, is glamping expensive?
Woman: Well, it was a bit pricey but it was still cheaper than staying at a hotel. And more fun, too! Next year I’ll definitely do it again. It’s a great option for me because I love spending time in nature.
adapted from
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