Speaker 1.

I felt fully prepared for my first job interview. I was enthusiastically replying to the interviewer’s questions and everything was going well but after 45 minutes I suddenly realized that because I’d been sitting in the same position for so long, I had lost all feeling in my left foot. Thankfully, the meeting was coming to an end. Five minutes later the interviewer offered me the job and I was really happy. However, when I stood up to say goodbye and shake her hand, I put some weight onto my left foot, lost my balance and collapsed onto the floor. The woman wanted to call an ambulance but after a while I was able to walk again. I apologized and walked out of the room as gracefully as possible.
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Speaker 2.

When I arrived for the interview, I was told to go into an office and fill in an application. I was supposed to sit at a desk and wait for the interviewer. I don’t know why but I decided to sit down in the big chair behind the desk. Much to my horror, when the interviewer entered, he had to sit on the little chair in front of the desk. He seemed irritated and hesitated about what to do but he took the seat and started to ask me questions. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t concentrate at all, but somehow, after a while, I managed to calm down and the interview went quite well.
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Speaker 3.

My interview was going smoothly, but at one point the ring on my finger got caught in my necklace. I couldn’t move my hand away but I decided to pretend everything was fine. I normally make lots of gestures, but now I had to sit through the whole interview with my hand glued to my neck. It was a bit of a nuisance but I made it to the end successfully. But then one of the interviewers decided to shake my hand to say goodbye and I had to tell them what had happened. The interviewers offered to free my finger, which was really embarrassing.
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Speaker 4.

I had an interview for an administrative position at an IT company. Besides being asked routine questions, I had to demonstrate I could meet the company’s typing speed requirements. I sat at the office computer, the interviewer stood next to me and told me to right click to open a new file. Obviously, he meant that I should press the right button of the mouse in order to open a file. I can’t say why, but I thought that when he said “right click”, he meant I should type the word click. So that’s what I did in the notepad window that was open. The man burst out laughing, but at the end he told me I’d got the job!
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