A new project aims to remove trash from rivers by creating a remote-controlled floating garbage collector called “Trash Robot”. The machine can be managed via a web browser and will soon be tested on the Chicago River. Potentially, anyone can do their bit to clean up the river anywhere in the world. The project intends to transform waste collecting into a game. “Players” will take turns to control the machine which has on-board cameras, so that they can see where it’s going. The machine will be funded via donations.
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Sonya: Jack! Do you know what happened to me yesterday? I went to the woods to pick some mushrooms. I’d been picking them for some time when a ranger appeared and fined me £80. Can you believe it? I’d picked mushrooms for 20 years in my home country and I never imagined it could be an offence.
Jack: Where did it happen?
Sonya: In Epping Forest.
Jack: Well, Epping Forest is a protected area and as such it has many rules about things you can and can’t do there. And picking mushrooms is one of the activities for which you might get a fine.
Sonya: But it’s ridiculous that picking mushrooms is against the law. I just wanted to make delicious pasta for lunch and some pickles for winter. Why would that be forbidden?
Jack: Well, unfortunately in England you are not allowed to pick mushrooms wherever you want, and if you do, you risk getting a fine.
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Why don’t you ever listen to a word I say? It’s just too much. After all, I didn’t have all this tech you are surrounded with when I was growing up and still, without text messages, mobile phones, emails and other digital stuff, I always found a way to tell my parents when I’d be home. If you are texting friends all the time, you must also find time to let me know where you are. That’s the minimum I ask for.
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