Interviewer: Matthew Johnson has been Newsround’s favourite presenter for years. Matthew, is it true that we aren’t going to see you for some time?

Matthew: Yes, I’m going to have to say goodbye for a year. I enjoy what I do here but I’ve always wanted to be a foreign correspondent, so when I was offered a job abroad, I decided to take the chance. But I promise I’ll be back.

Interviewer: That’s good news. Working for Newsround, you’ve been travelling a lot. Is there any story you remember in particular?

Matthew: There’s a festival called Tomatina. A few tons of tomatoes are brought into the centre of a Spanish village and the people throw them at each other. I went there with our cameraman to report the event. I walked down the main street towards a crowd of people. It was really hot. At some point I took off my T-shirt and suddenly somebody grabbed it and ran off with it. And then people started throwing tomatoes at me. After a few minutes I was covered in tomato juice and tourists were taking pictures of me. But it was worth it. The report we made there was really great.

Interviewer: What would you like to tell our viewers before you leave?

Matthew: Thank you for all your kind messages. Newsround will be run by Becky for a while, but she’s looking for somebody to take over. If you think you’re the right person, contact her. And wish me luck abroad.

adapted from
Powrót do pytań