Mark: Look at my face! I’ve got all these red spots after shaving and it really hurts. Our prom is in a couple of days.

Susan: Don’t worry! An aspirin should help.

Mark: I’ve got some at home. How often do I need to take it?

Susan: Twice a day, but don’t swallow it. Put two aspirin tablets in one teaspoon of warm water.

Mark: And then drink it, right?

Susan: Not really. You rub this mixture onto the spots and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

Mark: Are you sure it’s going to work?

Susan: Well, it worked for my brother.
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Man: I met Jane Brown today!

Woman: Really? Where?

Man: In the shopping centre.

Woman: Has she changed?

Man: Actually, at first I didn’t know it was Jane. But when she said “Hi, Jack”, I remembered her voice. She’s no longer slim but she still dresses fashionably.

Woman: When I think of her, I always picture her pink glasses. Does she still wear them?

Man: Of course not, they are not in fashion any more. Now she wears black frames. She’s also cut her curly hair and dyed it black.
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The FameLab tries to make science easy for everyone by encouraging the participants to present simple and clear demonstrations of scientific problems. When I heard that they were organizing a competition for students, I decided to take part in it. To enter, I needed to upload a short video to YouTube. My film was about bacteria. When I read the comments about my work on the Internet, I realized that people got the point I was trying to make in my presentation. I was really proud and excited! In the future I might start designing exhibitions for science centres.
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Wilberry’s is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a week-long model home show beginning on Monday. You are all invited from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day to view the homes we construct. You’ll admire beautiful houses from the outside, and you’ll also be able to walk around inside our show home. Wilberry’s is the leader in home construction in the area. We build houses using the most modern materials and the latest technologies to make you fully satisfied with your new home.
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Would you believe that ice can be used to make music? Yes, it’s possible. Siberian percussionists drum on frozen Lake Baikal. By chance they found that the one-metre thick ice has a unique sound. They realized it after a drummer’s wife slipped and hit the ice. After her accident, the group of musicians went back to the exact place to record their remarkable concert. Incredible! These beautiful clear sounds are produced by beating the drumsticks on ice.
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Girl: Have you heard about the plan to paint graffiti on that huge building next to the Town Hall? Mr. Jackson, our art teacher, told us about it in class last week. 

Boy: Is it his idea? 

Girl: Actually, the city council made the decision. They want students from our school to paint a mural there. You like painting, so I thought you might be interested. 

Boy: Where can I find Mr. Jackson? I need to ask him all about it. 

Girl: He should be in the staff room. I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it.
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