Speaker 1.
Remember that it’s not enough just to wear a suit when you’re meeting your future employer; you have to wear it with a smile. The latest studies suggest that when we see smiling people, we believe they are friendly, confident and reliable. Sounds like a perfect employee, right? So next time you’re answering potential employers’ questions, make sure you wear a beautiful smile!
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Speaker 2.
In the 1980s online bulletin boards became popular among college students and staff. A lot of posts were intended as humorous, but there were always a few people who didn’t get the joke and took the message seriously. One day a research professor of computer science, Scott Fahlman, combined three punctuation marks to produce a graphic sign which we know today as a smiley, to show that something is intended as a joke. Soon, the idea became popular all over the world.
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Speaker 3.
Some time ago I moved to a new school. I felt lonely because none of the kids wanted to talk to me. One day, on my way to school, a stranger looked at me and smiled. The smile made me believe that life would get better. I said to myself I’d always smile at people. I just wish we all did the same. A smile can make our world a nicer place.
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Speaker 4.
I was excited to see the film Mona Lisa’s Smile. It is set at Wellesley College, which is where I used to study. However, after watching it I must say that it was very far from my own experience of studying at the college. I wonder, what’s the point of making such a film today? To suggest how far we’ve come from the 1950s? I can’t understand those who say it’s a masterpiece! I didn’t enjoy it at all.
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