Everybody needs some kind of organization in their lives. Making order should begin at home, in your immediate surroundings. You’ll gain more room and stop stumbling over things. However, most people simply do not have enough energy or time to declutter and put off the decision to do it as long as possible. Does that sound like you? Don’t lose hope. That’s what we’re for. Book a visit from our professional decluttering company and let us deal with your problem. No more walking past cupboards of useless stuff or opening drawers overflowing with bits you never have time to sort out!
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I understood I had a clutter problem when I looked in a bag on the dining room sideboard in early December and found ... Christmas presents I’d received the previous year! Luckily, I stumbled upon the website. As a result, I spent all Sunday afternoon prioritizing tasks for the following days, and preparing e-mail reminders to do them. I also joined a discussion board on decluttering. When I saw comments from strangers willing to take their time to congratulate me on my progress, I felt really motivated.
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Making mistakes while decluttering can put you off doing it. Here is how I avoid that. I walk around my house with a pen and a notepad and write down any items that I haven’t used for a long time. I open cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. Once I’ve made the list, I go through it and ask myself if I really need those items. Obviously, I think twice before I get rid of an item which was expensive. In that case, I put it on an Internet auction. By clearing your space, you clear your mind. Surrounded by clutter, you are more anxious and likely to experience stress or frustration.
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Do you need the help of an organizing professional? Check out how to harness chaos in your home! Here are some tips. Clean out first, then buy the boxes and baskets to store the stuff you want to keep. Once you’ve decided where something’s going to go – take it there. It’s advisable to clear out one room or space every day. This way you will avoid getting burnt out in the process. And a word of warning. Lots of people put things they don’t need anymore in bags and decide to dispose of them later. Don’t ever do that! If you keep the useless stuff at home, it might stay there for good.
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